Wedding guests outraged by groom's response to $130 gift

Bianca Soldani
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Asking for contributions to a wishing well – ie cash – as a wedding gift, has quickly become the norm among young couples tying the knot.

But these guests found themselves in a bit of a pickle when the invite to a colleague’s wedding included a gift list from Amazon, but it was changed to cash at the last minute.

Unfortunately for the couple attending, they didn’t get the cash memo, and turned up with a neatly wrapped gift they’d purchased from the list for $130 [£70].

This couple were the only people to turn up with a physical gift. Photo: Getty

Taking to forum Mumsnet, the guest explains that she thought it was weird no one else had brought a physical gift to the wedding, but she didn’t think anything of it until her husband received a message from the groom days later.

“DH [my dear husband] got a message last night from groom saying ‘Thanks for coming on Saturday and for the gift,’” she writes.

“‘We had a bit of a last minute change and decided to ask for money towards the honeymoon instead of what we’d put on the gift list. Can we arrange to send it back and just get the money for it instead? I can pass it back next week when I’m back in work. Really appreciate the thought but definitely think we need a holiday after the stress of wedding planning.’”

Needless to say, the couple were dumbfounded at the request.

“The gift cost £70,” she says, “DH didn’t reply but showed it to me. I was just shocked at how cheeky it was.”

“DH said this was the first he’d heard of giving money and he has no problem giving money but feels asking if we can return it and give him money instead is a bit out of order.”

She wasn’t the only person to agree the request went a bit far, with plenty of people commenting below the post.

“That’s very cheeky and rude!” one person writes, “They must have wanted the item to put it on their original list, so it would have been much more graceful to keep the one and only (very generous) gift they got.”

What a way to leave a sour taste. Photo: Getty

“Loving the ‘We weren’t expecting gifts’ bit after they had gone to the trouble of setting up an Amazon gift list and clearly sending out a link to it to the guests!” another says.

While some people suggest equally rude messages to send back in response, another user rationalises that it could be best to just shut up and comply.

“Just do as he requested,” they say, “The groom has already done the damage by asking to return it. Nothing to be gained by letting him know you think he’s rude. He clearly doesn’t care.”

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