Wedding guest slammed for invoicing bride over phone rule: 'Can't stop crying'

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Reddit users have slammed a wedding guest who invoiced the bride for almost $1000 for the "no phone policy" during the ceremony.

The bride took to the website to share her story and see if she was in the wrong for not allowing guests to use their phones during the ceremony as her brother's girlfriend had invoiced her for missing out on a business deal.

Bride crying in bedroom
A wedding guest is being slammed after she sent the bride an invoice over the 'no phone' rule at the ceremony. Phone: Getty

"So I got married last weekend," she began. "Not gonna lie, it was a bit of a nightmare from start to finish. My partner and I are going to run off and have an elopement ceremony in a few months because it was so bad. Maybe I'll make a post about that later but right now I'm still a bit too gutted about it."

She continued, "My brother invited his new girlfriend. She's got her own online business where she sells makeup and perfumes or something. She's a 'work from my phone' girl. Anyway, our venue had a strict no phone policy during the ceremony, and I asked for nothing to be posted on social media about the wedding (family drama).


"Today I received an email from her with an 'invoice' for £500 [$945]. I gave her a call (she'd put her number on the email) and said to her that I wasn't in the mood for jokes about my wedding, trying to give her an out before she started some more drama, but she doubled down on it. Apparently she'd missed a message from a girl who wanted to join her team, and so the girl had signed up under someone else- due to my no-phone no-socials wedding, causing her to miss out on the commission."

After the bride told the woman she wouldn't be paying it and that she was "hurt she would even ask", the woman said she'd waive the invoice if the bride joined her team. 

Wedding guests
Guests at the wedding weren't allowed to use phones during the reception which the guest claimed made her lose a work opportunity. Photo: Getty

"Fine. I'll join if it will shut you up," the bride wrote, but it quickly became clear that the woman was forcing her to join a pyramid scheme. "Except apparently I now have to pay £60 [$113] for some starter pack with hundreds of perfume samples in it, even though I'm allergic to perfume. 

"Also she expects me to post about it all over social media, despite my desire to avoid other people right now. Turns out she would also essentially be my 'boss' and I don't want to work for her as I'm already in a career of my own that I'm passionate about, that isn't sales or recruitment, and isn't commission-based."

The bride added, "I just can't stop crying. My wedding was ruined, my social life has taken a hit from that drama, and now this bitch is going to cause drama between me and my brother if I don't join her shitty company. I hate how I couldn't just get married and be happy."

"I'm not going to join it, I know I just can't, but the drama of it all has just got me absolutely wrecked. I just want to run away with my husband and never speak to my friends and family again," she finished.

Reddit users were shocked at the story with one user writing, "She is an a**hole. Nobody made her attend or stay," to which the bride responded, "She technically wasn't invited..."

"She made the choice to come, knowing that she might lose business over that period. She could’ve just said 'no thank you, I have to work then'," another said.

"Man, that is the most complex way I’ve seen someone trying to get one to join a pyramid scheme," a third said.

"This might be one of the worst MLM stories I’ve heard yet!" someone else agreed.

"She's a grifter with a painfully transparent scam. Tell her to go jump in the lake, and tell your brother what she's doing," another added.

Others wrote that they didn't even think there was another person involved and that the woman is just trying to do anything to get the bride involved.

In an update, the bride shared she finally told her brother everything that had happened and he was "quite upset" about the whole thing and would be breaking up with her. 

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