Outrage over woman's wedding gift snub for people in their 30's

Sarah Carty
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A woman has sparked a fierce debate online after making a controversial statement after wedding gifts.

Inspired by a ‘ridiculously expensive registry’, the woman took to Reddit to vent, saying she didn’t believe couples who wed in their 30’s or 40’s should expect their friends to fork out for a wedding gift.

Bride and groom
A woman has caused a debate over the tradition of wedding gift giving online. Photo: Getty Images

Needless to say, the post attracted a lot of comments from both sides.

“For couples who are already well-off adults in their 30s/40s+ who have nice homes full of nice stuff (and maybe this isn't their first marriage), why is there any expectation of a gift to begin with?,” the woman asked.

“People you presumably care about are taking time out of their lives to celebrate your union. Isn't their presence enough of a present, especially if they've traveled to attend? How does this make sense?”

She went on to make a note that she hasn't spoken to the groom in about 15 years and she’s never met the bride, however she was irked when she saw nothing under $400 on their gift registry.


Bride and groom close up saying their vows
She claimed a couple over a certain age shouldn't expect to receive gifts. Photo: Getty Images

The woman’s post hit a nerve with some people, with one woman writing: “I was a 40 year old bride. It was a first marriage for both of us. So we shouldn't have asked for gifts because we are older??”

Another person wrote: “Because people want to celebrate the joy of others by giving them a gift. It’s no different from giving a gift for a milestone adult birthday.”

“This is so rude lol would you seriously go to a wedding and not bring a gift? Registries are, a lot of times, put together because older people don’t like just giving cash,” a commenter wrote.

However, others said the woman’s post had also got them thinking about the tradition of wedding gift giving.

“I think that the entire wedding business needs a downgrade or two. Seems to me that we need to work more on marriages, not weddings, considering the divorce rate,” one person said.

“I agree with ya! My cousin recently married his long time gf. They live together in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and have everything they need for their house. They're registry was full of expensive crap like Fishing supplies and expensive appliances like an instapot. I felt a bit offended by the price tags. I bought them a decent set of dish towels and pot holders. May have not been on their registry but I'm sure they'll use em,” another person wrote.

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