Wedding of the year? All the details on Madelaine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone's nuptials

Madelaine Brockway is yet to release her long awaited wedding ceremony videos (PA)
Madelaine Brockway is yet to release her long awaited wedding ceremony videos (PA)

It used to be that to have your lavish wedding in Paris broadcast to the world, you’d need to be Hollywood royalty or, at least, literal royalty.

But now, the daughter of a car dealership tycoon and her, apparently, wealthy partner have proven that all it takes in 2023 is a very active TikTok account. That, and, you know, just the $59 million Business Today estimates it cost.

Few people had heard of Madelaine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone before this month. But through their glamorous wedding on November 18 to the bride's equally luxurious hen party, they have earned, or perhaps bought, themselves a seat at social media’s top table.

“[This is] the most stunning wedding in the world,” one fan commented on a video. “Now THAT’S a wedding,” said another. “Wedding of the year,” said a third. They were actually commenting on third-party content as, ever the tease, the new Mrs Brockway-LaGrone is keeping her 65,000 subscribers waiting with a message reading “wedding content coming”.

The extravagance of the wedding stretched to Adam Levine performing She Will Be Loved as she walked down the aisle (in typical Maroon 5 fashion - reports are mixed as to whether the other, often anonymous, band members were there or not!).

The song was both fitting and ironic, with Mr LaGrone’s clear gestures to prove himself to his wife in contrast with the hostile feedback thrown their way by some sections of the internet.

Here is all about the happy couple and why they will be loved, and loathed.

Who are Madelaine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone? How are they so rich?

Brockway, 26, is from Miami and the daughter of Bob Brockway - chairman and chief executive of Bill Ussery Motors. The Florida company sold two of its locations for up to $700 million this summer.

Rather than go into the family business, Madelaine has become a “self-employed entrepreneur” - words she used to describe herself on LinkedIn. However, further insights into her own empire are fruitless as it appears this isn’t a social media engine she updates with as much vigour as her TikTok and Instagram.

Even less is known about LaGrone, when he asked out his now wife, or what he does for a living. The pair live in Fort Worth, Texas.

What happened at the wedding?

The real question is what didn’t happen as any possible ventures would surely have been covered in the bride’s “bachelorette week”. This saw her living it up with her friends at the $3,000 a night Amangiri in Utah, dancing to a DJ set while dressed in pink, and having dinner in fancy dress themed around “Marie Antoinette’s Last Halloween”.

The party also enjoyed a private lunch at the Chanel Haute Couture Suite and a stay at the Palace of Versailles courtesy of Le Grand Contrôle.

As for the wedding itself, the rehearsal dinner was held at the $325,000 per event Paris Opera House but, so far, the location of the ceremony has not been published. But it contained a performance from Levine, an orchestra and gourmet food.