Wedding date double-up pits bride against sister-in-law

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A bride's wedding plans were turned on their head when she discovered that her soon-to-be sister-in-law was planning on tying the knot on the exact same day.

The anonymous bride took to Reddit to share her nuptial nightmare which began when she and her fiancé recently announced their engagement after five years together as a couple.

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Two brides fight over one wedding day. Photo: 20th Century Fox.

Date clash

The bride suspected that her fiancé's sister — who she referred to as 'Megan' in her post — was also engaged but had never formally announced it or selected a wedding date.

"Megan has been engaged for about a year but has never actually announced it or even spoken about it with anyone including family," she wrote.

"We only know because she wears a ring and occasionally slips and calls her significant other, 'fiancé'."

Nevertheless, the couple approached both Megan and Megan's mum, 'Sussie' and asked if she was planning on getting married and if she'd set a date. The response from both was a resounding 'no'.

So, the bride and her fiancé set a date for May 2022, picked a venue and paid a holding deposit and mailed out 'save the date' cards.


Unbeknownst to them, Megan was, in fact, engaged and had picked the same day to get married.

"She called my fiancé SCREAMING at him for picking the weekend of her wedding, that she had planned for that all along and was still trying to get her things in order to place a deposit and announce it," the bride said.

"She called me all kinds of names and told him I’m an a**hole for ruining her big day."

When confronted about her reaction, Megan said that she'd assumed the couple would pick 'any other day of the 365 days but not that one'.

The bride apologised and attempted to reschedule but the venue refused, saying they'd have to forfeit their deposit.

'She lost it'

After speaking with her mum, Megan agreed to move the date of her wedding on the condition that she got to be a bridesmaid at her brother's wedding.

"Clearly, that is NOT happening," the bride wrote. "I called Sussie and Megan and explained why that is not an option. Megan again lost it and said then she is taking our date and it's now hers."

At this stage, the bride's fiancé jumped in and with the support of his family put his foot down, prompting Megan to declare that she's cutting off all contact.

"The family is not shocked and most expect she will be back in touch in the next six months anyway since that is a common trend," the bride explained.

"So, our wedding day is now OUR wedding day," she added.

Fellow Reddit users sided with the bride and her fiancé, with one writing in the comments; "You are not the ones being selfish."

"The only person [Megan] should be mad at is herself," another wrote.

"[Megan] acted like she was not even getting married. You are not a mind reader," added a third.

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