Watch a 'plague of flies' invade “The View” set to terrorize Ana Navarro: 'It looked like a Chihuahua'

Watch a 'plague of flies' invade “The View” set to terrorize Ana Navarro: 'It looked like a Chihuahua'

Navarro joked that the flying insect that made a cameo on the show was actually "Mike Pence's fly" resurrected from the debate stage.

First came the Great Hot Topics Table Flood of 2023, and now comes the "plague of flies" invading The View studio.

On Thursday, a winged creature joined the daytime talk show's now-iconic (and steadily growing) list of terroristic entities, which — from floating spirits wafting through the studio airspace and Joy Behar's cell phone, to Hot Topics fart noises piercing through the broadcast — have comically interrupted the series' live segments in recent months.

Cohost Ana Navarro was the flying insect's apparent target, as it landed on her mug as she discussed the Supreme Court. "We've got to be clear, they didn't rule on the issue..." Navarro said, trailing off and looking down toward the miniature menace.

<p>ABC</p> Ana Navarro, a fly, and Sunny Hostin on 'The View'


Ana Navarro, a fly, and Sunny Hostin on 'The View'

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"Oh my God, there's a giant fly. Mike Pence's fly is smack on my cup," Navarro said, referencing the legendary fly that landed on Vice President Pence's head during the 2020 debates.

Sunny Hostin, legal expert and apparent emergency task force leader, jumped up from her seat to assist Navarro by waving at the fly to get it to move.

"Ew, don't put it towards me!" Sara Haines exclaimed, prompting Behar to issue a declaration of her own: "It's just a fly," she said.

"It's a massive fly," Haines responded. "It looked like a Chihuahua."

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Navarro then rerouted the discussion back to the Hot Topic at hand, unscathed and with her sense of humor fully intact.

"People, please. I just survived a deluge in South Florida, and now I've got to be with a plague of flies?" she quipped. "Segue to the Supreme Court — talking about flies and insects!"

The fly invasion marked a fitting development for The View, given that moderator Whoopi Goldberg wasn't at the table Thursday, as she traveled to the Vatican to visit Pope Francis. Last year, during another papal journey that saw her gift the religious leader with Sister Act merch and offer him a cameo in Sister Act 3, Goldberg told the local Vatican News outlet that she wanted to "send the Pope some bees" because his European locale didn't have as many as she'd like it to have.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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