Watch: Jalen Ramsey arrives at Jaguars camp in an armored truck

Shalise Manza Young
Yahoo Sports Columnist
Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey arrived to the team's training camp in the back of an armored truck. (Getty Images)

Wednesday is the day for Jacksonville Jaguars veteran players to report to the team’s training camp, and most did so without fanfare.

But not cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

‘These receivers are on 24-hour lockdown’

With rain falling and a small crowd gathered, Ramsey arrived to camp in the back of an armored truck.

The black-clad driver, holding a bullhorn, introduced the 24-year-old cornerback.

“Y’all know what time it is. This man covers so good, he could have his own cell phone service!” the driver said. “The man is so good they’re going to give him his own jail, called Jalen County, because these receivers are on 24-hour lockdown! If you check his pockets, he has Master Locks in his pockets – they’re on lockdown all season! The man, the myth – Jalen Ramsey!”

Ramsey opens the back doors of the truck and hops out carrying two duffel bags.

“It’s time to get this money, money!” the driver says.

As he walks toward the stadium, Ramsey says, “Training camp No. 4, season No. 4.”

Yeah, we think it’s corny too.

We can only imagine Jacksonville football czar Tom Coughlin’s reaction.

Ramsey’s payday will have to wait

If Ramsey was trying to send a message about his contract – he’s headed into the fourth season of his rookie deal, and the Jaguars have picked up the fifth-year option – it likely fell on deaf ears.

Ramsey told reporters in June that Jaguars brass have told him he won’t be getting an extension this year.

A Pro Bowler in each of the past two seasons and a first-team All-Pro in 2017, under the parameters of his rookie contract, which is dictated by the CBA, Ramsey will earn $3.6 million this season.

His 2020 option season is tied to the salaries of the 10 highest-paid cornerbacks in the league, and is projected to be $13.7 million.

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