Watch “Amazing Race” teams explain why they will win season 35

There are a lot of reasons to be excited for season 35 of The Amazing Race. There are a whopping 13 teams. Those teams are back fighting to get on commercial flights. The Express Pass is back. There will be a U-Turn… with a twist. And all the episodes will now be supersized to 90 minutes each. But you know what would be most exciting of all? Winning the damn thing!

Before the race began, we asked all 13 teams why they would win season 35. What skills — beyond a combination of moxie, gumption, and can-do spirit — do these racers possess that will get them to the finish line before everyone else? They told us. But do you believe them?

The cast of 'The Amazing Race' season 35
The cast of 'The Amazing Race' season 35

Sonja Flemming/CBS The cast of 'The Amazing Race' season 35

Of course, everyone is feeling pretty good about their chances before the race begins. After all, hope springs eternal when you're not out there getting destroyed in an impossible challenge in a foreign country while being mocked by the locals. But who actually seems able to back up all that tough talk about how they will do once the race commences? Will it be father and son Rob and Corey, or father and daughter Steve and Anna Leigh? Or perhaps mother and daughter Elizabeth and Illiana?

Or maybe you think best friends have the best shot at the title. But is it best friends Joel and Garrett, best friends Melaina and Andrea, or childhood best friends Robbin and Chelsea? (Take that, best friend Johnny-come-latelys!) And that's not even getting into all the pairs of siblings. SO MANY SIBLINGS!

Check out the video above to hear all the sales pitches, and then determine which ones you're buying.

The Amazing Race season 35 premieres Sept. 27 on CBS.

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