End 2021 on a high note with Walmart's amazing year-end deals: Here are the 40+ best

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Walmart post-Xmas roundup (Photos: Walmart)
Slice, watch, vac and rock your way into 2022 with these incredible deals. (Photos: Walmart)

In the spirit of getting ready for the new year — which, for us will be all about making things easy, and maximizing our savings — Walmart's got a slew of amazing discounts on items that'll enhance your 2022. Whether it's home entertainment, tech, clothing, personal care or housewares, you'll find it all here, very possibly at the best price of the year.

And if you want to score free shipping while you're at it, make sure you’re signed up for Walmart+. Not yet a member? No worries; you can sign up for a free 15-day trial here, and a quick three-question survey will add on an additional two more weeks for a solid 30 days of use. (Nevertheless, those without Walmart+ still get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.)

Check out the sweetest sales below:


TLC 55
You've been waiting for a deal like this on a set like this. Well, your ship has come in. (Photo: Walmart)

In case you haven't noticed, many people on the hunt for a new TV wait till this, the last week of the year, to pull the trigger, and with good reason. Great deals abound, like this one on a TCL 55-inch Class 6-Series 4K Roku Smart TV Much of what you need to know is right there in its name — unbeatably sharp resolution, crystal clear sound and, thanks to Roku, easy in-unit access, via your personally designed home screen, to hundreds of streaming channels and hundreds of thousands of movies and TV episodes. Oh, and right now it's half price...while supplies last.

$700 $1400 at Walmart

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Headphones and earbuds

AirPods Pro (Photo: Walmart)
Listening to muddy-sounding music, podcasts and e-books is no way to start the New Year, wouldn't you agree? Time for an upgrade. (Photo: Walmart)

We'll be blunt: Anytime you find AirPods on sale, you'd do well to have a look. When said sale is upwards of 25 percent, you ought to have a real close look. So it is with these Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case, now just $180, down from $249. Ultra-high fidelity, noise cancelation, Transparency Mode (which will keep you aware of your surroundings even while listening to your fave jams, podcast or e-book). They're all part of the package. And that MagSafe charging case? That'll give you up to 22 hoursof listening pleasure.

"The BEST earbuds. Period," said this succinctly expressive shopper. "I didn't believe people when they said how good these were until I got my hands on some for myself. They were paired almost instantly as soon as I took them out of the box. The noise cancellation is incredible!!!!"

$197 $249 at Walmart

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Intex mattress (Photo: Walmart)
You'll sleep easier knowing you have one of these on hand...to say nothing of how easy you'll sleep actually using it! (Photo: Walmart)

Fancy a camping trip one of these days, but aren't exactly relishing sleeping one sheet of paper-thin vinyl away from the cold, hard ground? Maybe you find yourself entertaining the occasional sleepover guest but lack a separate bedroom. Well, then, the Intex 18" High Comfort Plush Raised Air Mattress Bed is for you. It inflates easily — via an internal pump or manually for alfresco use — to create a firm-yet-pillowtopped sleeping surface to rival many a "real" mattress. Come morning, it'll fold up quickly and easily for storage in its (included) carry bag.

"This air mattress is so plushly, comfortable, and simple to set up," testifies a well-rested fan. "The first time our dog jumped on it I thought it would bust, but the dog had no effect on the mattress.... You can use with or without sheets. We have slept on it for the last four nights with never waking up on the floor or adding any more air to it. It is perfect for a movie night or a overnight guest. We love it."

$50 $80 at Walmart

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Smart home

Roku Ultra LT (Photo: Walmart)
Rock a Roku at its best, at an unbeatable price. (Photo: Walmart)

In our experience, any Roku is a good Roku. But the Roku Ultra LT really goes above and beyond (guess the "Ultra" in its name kinda gives that away, eh?) Its secret weapon? A quad-core processor, which yields HD, 4K and HDR, which means eye-popping picture quality. It's also got a remote that will control your monitor, and comes with a pair of headphones for those nights when you want to enjoy multiplex-level volume when everyone else in the house is sleeping.

"Awesome," declared one over-the-moon user. "I have the old Roku 3 and Amazon Fire TV. The menus and navigation are way better on this new Roku LT. And I absolutely love how effective the voice search function works. If these are on sale, I plan to update another one of my TVs with one of these" Guess it's her lucky day!

$35 $79 at Walmart

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Anker Eufy vac (Photo: Walmart)
Put down that upright, stand up straight and let the robot clean your floors already. You've got better things to do...we hope. (Photo: Walmart)

The Anker Eufy 25C Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum is the robovac you've been waiting for. Its Wi-Fi capability means you can connect it to your home network. It's controllable manually, via smartphone app and by voice. It does everything but log onto the internet to buy itself. That's your job. Now.

"Just buy it." Hey, that's what we said! This happy shopper continued: "I love my Eufy robovac!! It vacuums my whole house, which is about 1,600 square feet. I keep my house extremely clean, so I have to empty the vacuum once a week, and it runs every morning at 8. I love the fact that you can program it around your schedule.... Also, the app lets you know everything going on with the vacuum. Whether it’s stuck, cleaning or needs to be emptied, the app will alert you." But wait, there's more! "My favorite Feature will have to be the edge cleaner, it cleans right against the corners, and wall around the whole entire house. It also has no problem going from hardwood floor, tile, to rugs without getting stuck."

$129 $250 at Walmart

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Moccasins (Photo: Walmart)
Moccasins -- they're not just for summer camp and weekends at the beach anymore. (Photo: Walmart)

Don't let the name of this comfy, cozy, cool bit of footwear, the Portland Boot Company Women's Autumn Moccasin Slipper, throw you. One look at it (it's right above — see?) and you just know these will keep you toasty and walking on air all winter long. That fluffy ankle "collar" is both cute and swaddling to your easily chilled tootsies. And their hybrid-ey-looking design means you'll be able to look stylish enough for outdoor wear and homey enough for indoor wear. Kind of the perfect footwear for these sheltering-at-home times. Oh, and they're less than half price right now.

$19 $39 at Walmart

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Pioneer Woman knives (Photo: Walmart)
These Pioneer Woman knives.. are Mint-y and fresh...and sharp as all get-out. (Photo: Walmart)

Speaking of functional-plus-cute: Get a load of this Pioneer Woman Cowboy Rustic 14-Piece Forged Cutlery Knife Block Set. This stainless steel ensemble (8" chef's knife; 8" bread knife; 5" utility knife; 3.5" paring knife; six 4.5" steak knives; scissors; 8" sharpening steel and 6" Nakiri knife) can take on any slicing or dicing challenge you're likely to come across. And how abotu that cool Mint color? So much more inspiring than boring old black or silver.

"My husband is a knife snob, so I was hesitate to purchase these Pioneer Woman knives, but I loved the look and price point too much to not pass up," related this vindicated buyer. "I'm so glad I made this purchase — my husband, who does most of the cooking, was super impressed. The quality, durability, and appearance have exceeded our expectations!!"

$49 $59 at Walmart

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Image gel (Photo: Walmart)
Eye, eye, eye! Wintertime is brutal on your skin; this here will make it all better. (Photo: Walmart)

Cold weather, dry indoor heating and the holiday season. What do they all have in common? They're all stressors for your skin, and no area is more sensitive to their ravages than the undereye area. How timely, then, that your skin and your wallet can now get some relief with this deal on Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel, now an eye-opening $23 off.

"The BEST eye gel out there!" said one happy shopper. "I've been using Vital C for six months now and have definitely noticed a big difference in the lines and puffiness under my eyes! I love the consistency — it goes on super smooth and doesn't feel greasy like others I've tried. It's incredibly hydrating and smells amazing (kind of a citrus-y scent)."

$27 $50 at Walmart

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Kids tablet (Photo: Walmart)
How refreshing -- an electronic gadget that will actually enrich your kids' intellectual life. (Photo: Walmart)

With Christmas having inundated the children in your life with toys and treats, maybe now's a good time to turn your attention to something a little more...edifyin)g. But also fun! The Contixo Kids Tablet is a wonder, loaded with over 20 educational apps and creativity tools. Available in blue, green, pink and purple, it's loaded with 2GB RAM, 16GB storage (expandable to 128GB) and a 1024 X 600 LCD touch screen. It also features parental controls...you know, in case the kiddos start overdoing it with all that learning!

"I bought this to help keep my 3- and 5-yea-old grandchildren occupied and provide a little education while doing so," said this thoughtful, resourceful granny. "It is so amazing how much this tablet offers for games, movies, photos, etc. When they visit, I have already selected a few programs in case of rain or if they start getting tired of their surroundings. The interactive pen is amazing. It is like a paintbrush without the mess of paint..and no cleanup!!!!"

$80 $130 at Walmart

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