Walmart Is Selling the Prettiest Pink Cat Condo for $80 Off

Retail therapy is fun for everyone (except our bank accounts), there's no doubt about that. However, retail therapy definitely gets more fun when you find something cute that you've been wanting and it's on sale!

If you're in the market for a new cat tree, it's your time to shine: Walmart has marked down two of the cutest cat "condos" in the world to over 50% off.

PAWZ Road Cat Tree

This cool cat tree usually sells at Walmart for $169.99, but they've marked it down to just $89.99. That's over 50% in savings - and the same is true for the other version, which is a green one with beige seats and perches.

The product photos all show three cats sitting on the tree, but look at all those perches! If you really needed to, you could fit nine cats on there. Or, since it's on sale for 50ish% off... you could get two! The tree features two open basket-type seats an one enclosed hideaway, along with some dangly balls for your cats to bat around. Not only is it adorable, but it has everything your cat could ever need!

Cat Trees Are Important For Indoor Cats

Outdoor cats get all the enrichment they need from being outside all day. They can sharpen up their natural instincts, meet other cats, and wander off to see things they've never seen before.

Unfortunately, unsupervised outdoor cats are also at risk for a lot of things they don't need, including diseases, wounds, infections, theft, pregnancies, and more. In recent times, the number of people who allow their cats outdoors unsupervised has dropped considerably, but that creates a whole new problem. What are we supposed to do to keep cats entertained?

Cat trees play a big role in helping cats keep sane indoors. They provide a place to climb, jump, and sleep. Most of them have at least one enclosed hideaway, which cats love, and they usually have little dangly parts that cats swat with their paws. They also have scratching posts built in, which you'll need if you want to save your furniture (or your body) from becoming the target!

If you do want to purchase this cat tree while it's on sale, you should consider putting it in front of a window; those open-air perches are perfect for kitties who love to bask. The perches are also machine-washable, just in case things get out of hand. I don't have a cat, but I seriously feel like I need one...