Wales vs Fiji LIVE! Rugby World Cup 2023 result, latest score and updates today

Wales vs Fiji LIVE! Rugby World Cup 2023 result, latest score and updates today

Wales vs Fiji LIVE!

Wales put aside a disappointing year of results to hang on and edge Fiji 32-26 in a thriller on Sunday to give themselves every chance of advancing to the quarter-finals at the Rugby World Cup.

It might have been their opening game in Pool C but the contest against the Fijians was seen as key to Wales’ hopes in the tournament in France offering them redemption after losing six of eight internationals in 2023, and breathing life into a beleaguered squad.

Victory was almost stolen at the end by the Pacific islanders who were seeking to fight back from an 18-point deficit and could have completed an unlikely comeback but they knocked on with the tryline at their mercy. Both teams scored four tries in a game full of line breaks, exciting running and bruising clashes that had the crowd on the edge of their seats, especially at the end as Fiji fought back from 32-14 down.

Wales vs Fiji highlights

  • TRY! Adams goes over in perfect start for Wales

  • TRY! Quick turnaround puts Fiji on top

  • TRY! North runs Wales into half-time lead

  • TRY! Dee surely seals it for Wales

  • TRY! Fiji threaten late comeback

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22:24 , Marc Mayo

A few days off for the Rugby World Cup now before France face Uruguay on Thursday night.

Join us for round two of pool matches then!

Recap the action as Wales hold off a mega Fiji fightback to win in Bordeaux


Highlights: The decisive moment... in the 82nd minute!

22:13 , Marc Mayo

Not all over for Fiji

22:09 , Marc Mayo

Two bonus points will help their case if it comes down to a tight finish in Pool C, having been beaten by under seven points with four tries.

They face Australia next weekend, while Wales take on minnows Portugal.

Warren Gatland’s men slot into second place with a bonus point of their own.

So close for Fiji

22:03 , Marc Mayo

It was Semi Radradra, who had a tough bouncing ball to gather and run the final 10 yards to try and win the game.

Of course, there was a defender lurking and it would have been a mighty tough kick in the corner.

But how close were Fiji there?!

Wales 32-26 Fiji | FULL TIME!

22:01 , Marc Mayo


The ball goes left into miles of space but the Fiji player fumbles the ball and knocks on. Wow.

The whistle goes.

Wales 32-26 Fiji | 80 mins

22:00 , Marc Mayo

We’re into the final knockings with Fiji in Wales’ 22...

Conversion missed! Wales 32-26 Fiji

21:58 , Marc Mayo

Fiji fail to pull themselves within an unconverted try of victory - but a seven-pointer will still do it.

A losing bonus point is also theirs if they fail to do that.

TRY! Wales 32-26 Fiji | 78 mins

21:57 , Marc Mayo

They work it over that time! Game on!

Wales 32-21 Fiji | 77 mins

21:55 , Marc Mayo

The Fiji player is celebrating having probably grounded that in the crush of bodies.

However, there’s a double movement in there and - despite the TMO saying they were happy with it - the referee says no try!

Wales 32-21 Fiji | 77 mins

21:53 , Marc Mayo

We are heading to a grandstand finish with Fiji throwing everything at a stubborn Wales defence!

On the line, Fiji are given a try by the referee but TMO will decide on the grounding.

Wales 32-21 Fiji | 75 mins

21:51 , Marc Mayo

Lekima Tagitagivalu re-enters the field from the sin bin to hand Fiji four minutes of a man advantage.

They win a penalty but fail to find touch with their kick to the corner! A big let-off for Wales.

TRY! Wales 32-21 Fiji | Tuisova, 73'

21:49 , Marc Mayo

Some serious Fiji pressure pays off as the grab a try and kick a quick conversion.

Is their time for a comeback? Wales are taking their sweet time with the restart...

Highlights: Elliot Dee bags the bonus point

21:43 , Marc Mayo

Wales 32-14 Fiji | 69 mins

21:42 , Marc Mayo

Not the smartest offside for Corey Domachowski to give away as, per an earlier referee warning, the Welsh replacement is sin-binned for excessive offsides from his team.

Conversion! Wales 32-14 Fiji

21:39 , Marc Mayo

Dan Biggar adds the extras to set Wales right on the way to victory, with a bonus point theirs also.

TRY! Wales 30-14 Fiji | Dee, 66'

21:38 , Marc Mayo

Lekima Tagitagivalu is sin binned for Fiji and their task has gotten even harder.

Wales on the try line... they push it over! Elliot Dee gets it.

That’s surely the match!

Wales 25-14 Fiji | 64 mins

21:36 , Marc Mayo

Superb work from Wales!

Fiji knock on and Dan Biggar delivers a swift 50-22. He even wants to run it straight to the try line but it’s not taken from the mark, they’ll have to bide their time before launching a fresh attack.

Wales 25-14 Fiji | 63 mins

21:33 , Marc Mayo

Fiji orchestrate a scrum inside Wales’ 22, right under the posts.

A second collapse sees Fiji decide to run it and only a last-ditch Dafydd Jenkins tackle prevents the try. Another offside brings a fresh Fiji penalty.

They run it once more, before the ball is either grounded or knocked on. It looks like the Islanders haven’t managed it just yet. Goalline drop-out for Wales.

Wales 25-14 Fiji | 61 mins

21:29 , Marc Mayo

A Fiji knock-on before they run over to score halts their attack, but an offside advantage means Wales must still contend with some serious pressure.

Advantage is again called under the Welsh posts as a crossfield kick glides into touch. Fiji will come again...

Wales 25-14 Fiji | 59 mins

21:27 , Marc Mayo

You really feel like the next score will determine this game. Fiji have the talent but need to gather some momentum to puncture this Wales defence.

Another try from Warren Gatland’s men surely puts them in the win column.

Highlights: Louis Rees-Zammit touches down

21:22 , Marc Mayo

Wales 25-14 Fiji | 51 mins

21:19 , Marc Mayo

Josh Adams, take a bow! Selestino Ravutaumada meets the Wales ace, standing strong as a veritable brick wall to halt his run with a supreme impact.

That halts Fiji’s attack in response to the try, with Wales very much on top since the break.

TRY! Wales 25-14 Fiji | Rees-Zammit, 48’

21:16 , Marc Mayo

Louis Rees-Zammit goes over!

The scrum collapses and Wales go left before a Liam Williams offload dribbles along the deck. Fiji can’t snap it up though and there are acres of space to head across the field...

A kick aims for Rees-Zammit and Fiji cannot pull off the interception, so he runs it in with ease!

And Dan Biggar adds the extras.

Wales 18-14 Fiji | 45 mins

21:13 , Marc Mayo

Solid start to the half from Wales as they force Fiji into touch in their own 22.

The lineout is worked all the way over to the right flank and Vinaya Habosi delivers a beautiful tackle to win the turnover!

Wales 18-14 Fiji | 42 mins

21:09 , Marc Mayo

Dan Biggar... misses! Wow. Not the easiest kick. Not the hardest either.

Wales 18-14 Fiji | Kick-off!

21:07 , Marc Mayo

The second half begins in Bordeaux with an early Wales penalty.

Who can predict where this game is heading?

21:06 , Marc Mayo

Any lead worth less than a try is not one you’d bet on in this game.

Fiji look more likely to pull something magic out the hat yet Dan Biggar’s imperious kicking should keep Wales’ scoreboard ticking over whatever happens.

Highlights: How Wales jumped ahead

21:03 , Marc Mayo

How close Fiji came to retaking the lead

20:58 , Marc Mayo

Eroni Mawi just lost control of the ball as he grounded an audacious attempt to hop over the ruck and produce what would have been this game’s fifth try.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Wales 18-14 Fiji | Half time

20:52 , Marc Mayo

Wales turn it over on the 40-minute mark and Liam Williams tries to run it from his own try line... and nearly gives it away!

They survive and that’s the break. Dan Biggar looks furious with that moment of madness!

Wales 18-14 Fiji | 38 mins

20:49 , Marc Mayo

Tomos Williams replaces Gareth Davies for head injury assessment. He seems fine by and large but right to be safe rather than sorry.

Wales 18-14 Fiji | 37 mins

20:47 , Marc Mayo

We go to TMO again after Gareth Davies stays down holding his head, there’s a concern he’s dramatising a head injury which could be a yellow card...

No such worries though and Fiji are ticked off for taking exception to it all. Wales also get a talking to, they get a penalty for high tackle.

Half-time break is approaching this scintillating World Cup affair.

NO TRY! Wales 18-14 Fiji | 35 mins

20:43 , Marc Mayo

“He’s lost control of the ball,” TMO instructs and NO TRY is the verdict!

However, it may not be a knock-on as Ryan Elias, moments before, is spotted with a no-arms tackle. What will that mean?

No clear foul play is the final decision. Wales escape!

Wales 18-14 Fiji | 35 mins

20:42 , Marc Mayo

Fiji prop Eroni Mawi hops the scramble on the line and touches down! Did he ground it?

The referee asks TMO to confirm, he reckons it’s a try...

Wales 18-14 Fiji | 33 mins

20:39 , Marc Mayo

Truly breathless game, this. Fiji manage to hold onto the ball from the restart but squander possession wide on the left.

A pair of penalties go Fiji’s way however and Tuti Tela kicks to touch.

Conversion! Wales 18-14 Fiji

20:34 , Marc Mayo

Dead easy under the posts for Dan Biggar.

TRY! Wales 16-14 Fiji | North, 29'

20:34 , Marc Mayo

An offside advantage is pulled up on Fiji as they ferociously defend their try line. Wales once again punt for touch to continue their pursuit of the lead via a lineout.

Ryan Elias pops out with an offload to Gareth Davies, who is on the receiving end of a crunching tackle.

Wales head centrally and George North breaks the line to score!

Wales 11-14 Fiji | 27 mins

20:30 , Marc Mayo

Good work from Wales as George North sets a fresh move left-to-right before Liam Williams throws a pass into touch.

However, a penalty has been awarded for Vinaya Habosi’s no-arms tackle and Wales have it back! They kick for touch, in search of a try...

Wales 11-14 Fiji | Biggar penalty, 24'

20:28 , Marc Mayo

We’ve emerged from a drinks break with Wales pushing back on the front foot, and an offside gives Dan Biggar the chance to kick from medium range.

Nice and easy, straight down the middle. Deficit cut.

Highlights: Fiji race through for second try

20:26 , Marc Mayo

Wales 8-14 Fiji | 22 mins

20:26 , Marc Mayo

Penny for Prince William’s thoughts right now? Fiji are in the Commonwealth so he can’t really lose, can he...

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Highlights: Watch back Fiji’s first try

20:23 , Marc Mayo

TRY! Wales 8-14 Fiji | Tagitagivalu, 17’

20:20 , Marc Mayo

What a break!

It’s Waisea Nayacalevu leading the charge again before Semi Radrada appears on the scene, and No7 Lekima Tagitagivalu pops up to run it over the line. Superb rugby.

Frank Lomani converts.

Highlights: Josh Adams bags first Wales try of tournament

20:18 , Marc Mayo

Conversion! Wales 8-7 Fiji

20:17 , Marc Mayo

Frank Lomani is handed kicking duties for a pretty simple conversion, a touch to the right of the posts.

He makes it count. We have a one-point game.

TRY! Wales 8-5 Fiji | Nayacalevu, 14’

20:16 , Marc Mayo

Waisea Nayacalevu delivers for Fiji!

A fortunate parry from a poor pass lands for the captain, who bulldozes two tackles to touch down for Fiji’s first try of the World Cup!

Wales 8-0 Fiji | 11 mins

20:14 , Marc Mayo

George North gets stranded after a Wales turnover to hand back a Fiji penalty.

Teti Tela thumps his kick high and off-target! The lack of Caleb Muntz will doubtlessly hurt Fiji in this department all tournament.

Wales 8-0 Fiji | 9 mins

20:11 , Marc Mayo

A tough one for Dan Biggar and he looks to curl it in... no dice. Didn’t get the bend on it and Wales settles for an early 8-0 lead.

TRY! Wales 8-0 Fiji | Adams, 8'

20:10 , Marc Mayo

George North and Gareth Davies fly through the Fijian line and Wales are looking dangerous...

It’s played left and Josh Adams goes over out wide!

Wales 3-0 Fiji | 6 mins

20:08 , Marc Mayo

Penalty to Wales! That cleans up the first Fiji foray towards their try line, good defending from Warren Gatland’s men.

Wales 3-0 Fiji | 5 mins

20:07 , Marc Mayo

Fiji play the ball well in their first phases of the game and earn a penalty, which Teti Tela punts deep into Wales territory.

Wales 3-0 Fiji | Biggar penalty, 3'

20:05 , Marc Mayo

Deflty executed inside the posts and Wales are on the board!

Wales 0-0 Fiji | 1 min

20:04 , Marc Mayo

A first-minute penalty for Albert Tuisue failing to release the ball and Dan Biggar has a chance to bag his first kick from just inside the Fijian half.

Wales vs Fiji | Kick-off!

20:02 , Marc Mayo

Here we go!

Fiji perform their Cibi

20:00 , Marc Mayo

The Fijian war dance is led by captain Waisea Nayacalevu and performed brilliantly ahead of kick-off. Nothing gets you up for a big match like it!

Time for the anthems

19:58 , Marc Mayo

First up we have the Welsh anthem ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’, before Fiji’s ‘Meda Dau Doka’.

Prince William, in attendance, dutifully sings along.

Here come the players!

19:55 , Marc Mayo

The Stade de Bordeaux, where Wales beat Slovakia in the 2016 football Euros, is packed with lots of red shirts on display.

Countdown to kick-off

19:54 , Marc Mayo

The players are massing in the tunnel before emerging on this most pleasant of French evenings.

Here’s a reminder of the line-ups...

Wales XV: L Williams; Rees-Zammit, North, Tompkins, Adams; Biggar, G Davies; G Thomas, Elias, Francis, Rowlands, Beard, Wainwright, Morgan (c), Faletau

Fiji XV: Droasese; Ravutaumada, Nayacalevu (c), Radradra, Habosi; Tela, Lomani; Mawi, Matavesi, Tagi; Nasilsila, Cirikidaveta; Tuisue, Tagitagivalu, Mata

Have we been here before?

19:50 , Marc Mayo

Wales and Fiji have met four times at the Rugby World Cup.

In 2007, the Pacific Islanders claimed their famous win to knock Wales out of a group that also involved Australia.

Wales and Fiji were drawn together in 2011 for a 66-0 win for the Welsh.

In 2015, they met again with Australia once again joining them as Cardiff hosted a 23-13 home win.

And then four years ago they faced off in Japan with, you guessed it, Australia also featuring in their group! Joshua Adams bagged a hat-trick in a 29-17 victory.

Fiji reject ‘favourites’ tag

19:45 , Marc Mayo

As the world’s No7 side, according to official rankings, Fiji are de facto favourites to WIN Pool C.

Head coach Simon Raiwalui rejects any sense his side are expected to win tonight though.

He told reporters: “When could we ever be called favourites when we are considered a developing country versus a developed country – resources and those sort of things?

“We are confident with our preparation, with our group. We never go in thinking we are favourites to win. We’re humble.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Advice for Jac Morgan from Wales legend

19:41 , Marc Mayo

Former Wales captain Sam Warburton has admitted 23-year-old Jac Morgan may find it tough leading the team at the Rugby World Cup, but insists he won’t be doing so alone.

“It’s a lot and it can feel overwhelming,” he tells ITV.

“That’s why any captain doesn’t like taking the plaudits because they know that behind any captain is a really good leadership group. There’s five or six of you who all take on the decision-making role.

“From outside Welsh rugby circles Jac Morgan might sound like a bit of a bold choice as captain; he was captain of the U20s, he’s been playing well, not just this summer but for the last two years at Ospreys, and he’s pretty much guaranteed his place in the team.”

Dan Biggar undertakes his final preparations

19:35 , Marc Mayo

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Fiji’s danger man

19:29 , Marc Mayo

Bristol Bears star Semi Radradra could be crucial for Fiji tonight - and Wales know it.

“Semi has played for Bristol and been outstanding,” said Nick Tompkins in the week.

“You watch the magic he can do. I won't say I am intimidated by it – you have just got to be prepared for it.

“You have got to stop the off-load and you have got to front up.”

Throwback: Fiji beat Wales in 2007 mega upset

19:23 , Marc Mayo

Man in the middle

19:18 , Marc Mayo

England’s Matthew Carley takes charge of his first Rugby World Cup game tonight, having been the first reserve in Japan four years ago.

He’s been a regular on the Premiership and Six Nations scene for a number of years.

Full Wales vs Fiji referee team:

Referee: Matthew Carley (RFU)

Assistant Referee 1: Wayne Barnes (RFU)

Assistant Referee 2: Christophe Ridley (RFU)

TMO: Brian MacNeice (IRFU)

Wales fans make their voices heard in Bordeaux

19:10 , Marc Mayo

Wales vs Fiji latest odds

19:04 , Marc Mayo

Wales to win: 8/15

Fiji to win: 17/10

Draw: 17/1

Odds via Betfair (subject to change).

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Countdown to kick-off

18:59 , Marc Mayo

One hour until we get underway in Bordeaux!

Prince William in the house?

18:55 , Marc Mayo

The Prince of Wales’ jet has been spotted flying into the south of France, will he pop up at tonight’s game? His wife Kate was on England duty last night...

A rousing send-off for the Welsh team en route to the stadium

18:49 , Marc Mayo

Full time in Marseille!

18:42 , Marc Mayo

The penultimate game of the opening weekend draws to a close as holders South Africa defeat Scotland 18-3 at the Stade Velodrome.

Scotland now realistically need to defeat Ireland in their final group game to reach the knockouts.

Fiji fans out in force in Bordeaux

18:37 , Marc Mayo


Countdown to kick-off

18:31 , Marc Mayo

We have 90 minutes to wait until Wales and Fiji kick their Rugby World Cup campaign off in Bordeaux.

Warren Gatland reveals ‘nerves’ ahead of Wales campaign beginning

18:26 , Marc Mayo

Wales coach Warren Gatland has seen almost everything you can in rugby but he admitted ahead of today’s game that even he is feeling butterflies in his stomach.

He told reporters: “I still get nervous myself, I think nerves are always a positive.

“You feel helpless as a coach, that's the hardest thing, so there'll be some nerves before and probably during the game. I spoke to the coaches about us this week; not talking too much, not over-coaching and allowing the players to take responsibility today and tomorrow.

“I was pleased to see them do that. They look very clear in their own minds about what they want to achieve on Sunday. When you're nervous about the game or what potentially might happen, it focuses the mind in terms of what's coming.

“There's nothing wrong with that. I see it as a positive in terms of the players being right on the edge in terms of their preparation just before the game.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Elsewhere at the Rugby World Cup

18:20 , Marc Mayo

South Africa have bagged two second-half tries to lead Scotland 18-3 with just under 20 minutes left in Marseille.


Head to head record

18:15 , Marc Mayo

Fiji’s sole win over Wales to date came during the pool stage of the 2007 Rugby World Cup, also held in France. They have lost each of the last five meetings, however, including a 38-23 defeat in Cardiff in November 2021.

Wales wins: 11

Fiji wins: 1

Draws: 1

Highlights: Australia kick Pool C off with win over Georgia

18:09 , Marc Mayo

Wales vs Fiji prediction

18:03 , Marc Mayo

There is a real feeling that Fiji can claim a big scalp to kick off their campaign in France but the loss of star man Muntz is a major blow.

Wales simply have to win... and do have enough to edge it.

Wales to win, by over 5 points.

How Fiji line up today

17:57 , Marc Mayo

Fiji XV: Droasese; Ravutaumada, Nayacalevu (c), Radradra, Habosi; Tela, Lomani; Mawi, Matavesi, Tagi; Nasilsila, Cirikidaveta; Tuisue, Tagitagivalu, Mata

Replacements: Ikanivere, Ravai, Doge, Mayanavanua, Botia, Kurukvoli, Tuisova, Maqala

Fiji team news

17:52 , Marc Mayo

Fiji were dealt a huge blow on the eve of the tournament after Caleb Muntz suffered a knee injury and was duly forced to pull out of the squad.

How Wales will line up today

17:47 , Marc Mayo

Wales XV: L Williams; Rees-Zammit, North, Tompkins, Adams; Biggar, G Davies; G Thomas, Elias, Francis, Rowlands, Beard, Wainwright, Morgan (c), Faletau.

Replacements: Dee, Domachowski, Lewis, D Jenkins, Reffell, T Williams, Costelow, Dyer

Wales team news

17:40 , Marc Mayo

Taulupe Faletau is fit to feature for Wales despite missing all three warm-up games last month with a calf problem, while Jac Morgan will captain the side.

Dewi Lake is not included due to a lack of training time, though George North makes his 17th appearance at the Rugby World Cup in midfield alongside Nick Tompkins.

Where to watch Wales vs Fiji

17:29 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: In the UK, tonight’s game will be broadcast live on free-to-air channel ITV1 and in the Welsh language on S4C. Kick-off comes at 8pm BST.

Live stream: ITVX and S4C will offer a live stream service online.

Wales vs Fiji LIVE!

17:22 , Marc Mayo

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s coverage of Wales vs Fiji at the 2023 Rugby World Cup!

The Stade de Bordeaux hosts this fascinating Pool C clash as both teams look to match Australia in winning on the opening weekend of the tournament.

The action gets underway at 8pm BST but you can stay tuned right here for all the build-up, match action and reaction!

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(Getty Images)