Voyager on what it means to be representing Australia at Eurovision 2023

Voyager on what it means to be representing Australia at Eurovision 2023.

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- To me, it just makes sense, because, firstly, it's almost like a reward and a prize for us for our years and years of hard work and slogging, doing the live music circuit, doing albums, touring the world. It's like a pat on the back and it's recognition. It also means it's going to be the most fun we'll ever have and be able to do this almost the stage performance that we wish we had in every show, which of course, is not possible, because you can't transport that stage around you with the world, unless you're Taylor Swift and have three aeroplanes to do that with.

And for me, personally, I think what it means the most is, the amount of the challenges that we've always had as Voyager is when people go, oh, what's it like, and we go, it's like pop, metal, synth, I don't really know, you just have to listen to it. And people don't, because if I tell you something that you should listen to and I can't really explain what it is, you're going to be like, yeah, not really interested. So being able to then actually have it capture people's attention and go, this is what we do, whether you like it or not, this is what we do and have, hopefully, 165 million people tune in and go, wow, this is great, that to me is a huge win. So, I guess, to summarize bringing the bringing our music to the world and forcing them to listen to it.