Voice an opportunity to help federal budget: Liberal MP

Bianca De Marchi/AAP PHOTOS

A Liberal MP is imploring voters to seize the moment at the Indigenous voice to parliament referendum, declaring a 'yes' result would take pressure off the federal budget.

Former shadow attorney-general Julian Leeser, who resigned that post to support the voice and oppose the Liberals' 'no' stance, used a speech in parliament to point out the economic opportunity of closing the gap.

He took aim at the argument politicians shouldn't be focusing on Indigenous reconciliation during a cost of living crisis, suggesting the voice would directly take pressure off the budget.

"It's an opportunity to ensure we get better value for taxpayer dollars spent on Indigenous affairs where we have too little to show for all our efforts," he told parliament on Wednesday.

"I want to invite all Australians to lift up their eyes and despite their own challenges, to see the gap that does not close."

Mr Leeser said he was "concerned as a Liberal" Indigenous Australians weren't getting the chance to share in the nation's opportunities.

He pointed out almost one in two Indigenous Australians lived on the poverty line, with the Indigenous employment rate at 49 per cent, compared with 75 per cent among non-Indigenous Australians.

"It's the opportunities that come from growing up in a peaceful and secure home, where the taps work, there's food in the kitchen and is free of alcohol abuse and violence," he said.

"Of being able to concentrate in school because you have good hearing and eyesight, you are not hungry, and you are not sleepy because you were out on the streets because home felt unsafe."

Continuing his latest strong attack against his party's position, Mr Leeser said the notion the voice divided the country in two missed the point.

"The voice is not about special treatment or privileges, it's simply about trying to get Indigenous Australians to the same starting line that other Australians are at," he said.

"It's about Indigenous children, their lives and their future and trying to create the conditions so they can walk confidently in two worlds."