'Voice' contestant seamlessly handles accidental mic drop

Nick Paschal
Yahoo Entertainment

One of the contestants on the US version of The Voice has handled an onstage mishap in the most epic way.

During Jason Wilkes’s stirring performance of No Doubt‘s Don’t Speak, the mic stand slipped and brought the mouthpiece halfway down the stand.

The astounding thing is that Jason dropped to one knee and continued singing as if he had rehearsed it that way.

Jason handles the slip-up like a professional, leaving judges very impressed. Source: NBC

Afterward, the coaches expressed awe. Adam Levine told Jason, “You deserve to get voted through, just because that was the illest improvisation I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Coach Blake Shelton was all smiles after he watched the contestants quick mic-drop recovery. Source: NBC

His coach, Blake Shelton, was simply impressed with how easily Wilkes took a knee.

“I would have spent the next five minutes trying to figure out how to get down there,” Blake said, before adding, “Just to sing and react the way you did, man, you’re a pro.”

He's definitely a pro in our eyes.

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