Who is Vivek Ramaswamy and what is his net worth?

Vivek Ramaswamy  (Sergio Flores / AFP via Getty Images)
Vivek Ramaswamy (Sergio Flores / AFP via Getty Images)

During a recent podcast episode, comedian and political commentator Bill Maher appeared to endorse the Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

He told Ramaswamy: “‘I like you... you’re such a good talker and you’re such a likeable guy. I think you really could go far.

‘I must say, you’re one of the few guys who I find both disarming and alarming.’

While the entrepreneur-turned-politician has been an unexpected addition to the race, he has made considerable progress since announcing his candidacy.

Here is a look at who Vivek Ramaswamy is, including his career, personal life, net worth, and hopes to become the next president of the United States.

Who is Vivek Ramaswamy?

Vivek Ganapathy Ramaswamy is an American entrepreneur who has declared himself a candidate for the 2024 Republican Party presidential primaries.

The Cincinnati native is the son of Hindu Tamil immigrant parents who moved from Kerala and settled in Ohio.

Ramaswamy completed his studies at Harvard College in 2007, attaining a degree in biology. There, he became the president of the Harvard Political Union.

This is when he co-founded Campus Venture Network, a private social networking website for university students who wanted to become entrepreneurs. The company was sold to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in 2009.

Meanwhile, Ramaswamy also worked for the hedge fund QVT until 2014 and became a partner, co-managing the firm’s biotech portfolio.

In 2013, he achieved his degree in law from Yale Law School. In the past, he has shared that, by the time he completed this degree, he was already a multimillionaire thanks to his thriving career.

After leaving QVT, the entrepreneur founded biotech firm Roivant Sciences with hopes of revolutionising drug development.

In 2020, Ramaswamy became the CEO of Roivant Sciences and its non-profit arm, Roivant Social Ventures. Within that same year, he also co-founded Chapter Medicare, a Medicare navigation platform.

Later, in 2022, he co-founded Strike Asset Management and worked as the CEO until his resignation in February 2023, when he decided to focus on his political aspirations.

His political career

Ramaswamy had previously considered running in the 2022 election for the US Senate in Ohio, but decided against it.

On February 21, 2023, he officially declared his intention to become a Republican presidential candidate for the upcoming elections.

In line with this, he made 20 years of his personal income tax returns public and challenged his rivals to do the same.

He supports and hopes to get elected on the anti-woke agenda.

His personal life

Ramaswamy is married to physician Apoorva Tewari. The two met while studying at Yale.

Together, the couple is raising two sons, named Karthik and Arjun.

He is known to be a vegetarian and is thought to be Hindu, like his parents.

He currently lives in New York with his family, but he also owns a house in Ohio.

What is Vivek Ramaswamy’s net worth?

Vivek Ramaswamy, 38, is a billionaire.

According to Forbes, the biotech investor and presidential candidate is worth more than $950 million (£746,614,500), placing his net worth over the billion-dollar threshold and making him one of the 20 youngest billionaires in America.

What is his polling in the US presidential election?

At the time of writing this article, Ramaswamy has raced to second place in US polls.

He is currently reported to be tied with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with 10 per cent each.

First place, however, is being held by former president Donald Trump, who leads with 56 per cent.

However, Ramaswamy’s progress is considerable. He only had two per cent in June and, in just a matter of weeks, he has risen to 10 per cent.