Virgo Daily Horoscope – October 10 2019

Mercury retrograde shadow starts tomorrow

If you want to “get stuff done” before Mercury retrograde starts, do it now! The Mercury retrograde shadow starts tomorrow. That means whatever is happening now is like a foretaste of the issues likely to come up for you when we move into Mercury retrograde proper. So pay attention!

Your Daily Forecast

You could feel stuck between a rock and a hard place today, thanks to planetary combinations that suggest brilliant potential alongside probable pitfalls. As the Moon cruises into your 7th house of relationships, you might feel the persuasive power of someone else’s’ influence. Your ruling planet, Mercury, requires time to get more information right now. The key rule to success in any decision- making process for you is, if in doubt, don’t. Take extra care to notice how you feel about things, even if they don’t make logical sense to you. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed, especially if uncertain.

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