Virgo Daily Horoscope – October 09 2019

Are you ready to be Mercury retrograded?…

We are now in the countdown to the start of the new Mercury Retrograde shadow phase. So to celebrate my new Mercury Retrograde book, here’s a short video about why you should definitely EMBRACE Mercury retrograde AT LEAST as much as you worry about it! It’s here.

Your Daily Forecast

Mercury, your patron planet is joined by sweet Venus in your 3rd sector of daily rounds and personal ritual. If you’ve been stressed, anxious or obsessive about something in particular, Venus may act like a soothing balm that can help ease your busy mind. Venus loves her little luxuries, and she’s here to remind you that you deserve a special treat. Taking time out for yourself will restore your mind, body and spirit, leading to greater productivity down the track. Be honest with yourself about what you’d like to do, rather than what you ‘should’ do now.

Do you love astrology and crystals?

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