Virgo Daily Horoscope – May 5 2020

Your daily stars

If you’ve felt a little uninspired due to recent isolation rules, your big picture visions for the future may be invigorated as your patron planet, Mercury fuses with the Sun. A renewed sense of meaning and purpose may prompt you to revaluate what’s really important. You might dream up new adventures or travel destinations as your personal bucket list may have new meaning to you now. As the Moon lights up your cash-flow zone, you may begin seeing money as a way to live life with purpose, rather than your purpose being about earning money.

Are you getting ready for the Full Moon?

If you’re starting to feel a bit tense, it’s the Full Moon growing! This month it’s going to be in the passionate sign of Scorpio so expect to feel all your Full Moon feels even more than ever! Want to harness all these emotions? Download my free Full Moon Kit here.