Virgo Daily Horoscope – January 11 2020

Yasmin Boland

After the eclipse…

Yesterday we had the Full Moon eclipse. So one of the major surges of intensity around us is now done and dusted. Hopefully life will settle down (though we still have the Saturn/Pluto alignment to look forward to!) Have you done your Full Moon forgiveness work? It’s SO powerful!

What it means for you

So, the eclipse is over, in fact, the entire eclipse season of January 2020 is over and we won’t have to deal with anything else like it for several months. The eclipses were all about getting us all back on track. It’s amazing how far we can drift off, have you noticed?

For you, the eclipse was about finding the fine line between: working too hard and neglecting your family versus focusing so much on your private life that your professional life suffers.

If you feel you’ve had some important lessons in this area over the past few weeks and redressed an imbalance, thank your lucky Stars and think about how you’re going to proceed from here, based on what you’ve learned/realised. It’s a juggling act, but you can do it.

Work with the Full Moon…

We are still in the Full Moon phase and feeling its effects! Get your free Full Moon kit here. Available for instant download.