Virgo Daily Horoscope – February 2 2020

There’s a lot happening this week…

Venus, the planet of love and abundance, is active this week, for one thing. For another, so is the planet of communications, Mercury. So love, abundance and communications are the themes of the week as we tear through the waxing cycle towards Sunday’s Full Moon.

Let’s go through the astro-events as they happen:

2 February 2020 – Venus sextile Pluto

This is a lovely link for anyone who is in love. You will feel all your deepest feelings more deeply. If you’re sexy but single and looking for love, it also augurs very well. Venus is about relating and Pluto is the planet that transforms from the inside out, so this harmonious connection is ideal for love that transforms your life. If you’re not in love and you’re wondering how this might play out apart from increasing the love in the air and creating lovely vibes for meeting someone new, here is the news; Venus is al the planet of abundance, so when she is harmonising with Pluto like this, the celestial stage is definitely set for turning your finances inside out in a really GOOD way. This applies especially if you have one or more planets in late Earth or Water signs, if you’re Libran… set some intentions around love and money!

3 February 2020 – Mercury into Pisces

Mercury is the planet of communications and the Mind and Pisces is the planet of the Divine so put Mercury into Pisces and we are all a lot more connected to the Divine, if we want to be. Meditations can go extra deep now as you turn your thoughts to the more numinous side of life. It’s also great for having deep and meaningful conversations – with someone else or even on a soul level, if that’s what you’re after.

3 February 2020 – Venus sextile Saturn

The good Venus (love and abundance) vibes continue as Venus moves from her connection to Pluto to a hook up with Saturn, the serious. Saturn has a bad rep however Saturn is the planet that goes the distance for us. So some of the amazing and transformational vibes from earlier in the week now can be brought down to earth, if you like, since Saturn is nothing if not grounded. If you have declared your love or signed a lucrative deal in the past few days, Saturn here will help the promises you’ve made stick and the ink on any contracts dry. Also a good vibe for people who want to feel more secure in their relationships.

5 February 2020 – Mercury sextile Uranus

Another great planetary aspect as the planet of the mind, Mercury links to the planet of chaos and revolution, Uranus. So how can it be good is shocking Uranus is the planet of chaos? Because the alignment between the two is harmonious so there is every chance that whatever happens now to shuffle things around and shake them up will be in your favour. It’s a week when most surprises should be good surprises, as we move towards the Full Moon,

7 February 2020 – Venus into Aries

Finally, the planet of love and abundance, Venus, is changing signs this week, moving back into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. Just as it can be awesome to follow the New Moon around your chart, so it can be fun to follow Venus. Think of Venus as a magical bringer of all things lovely, so wherever she is in your chart at any one time is where you have a chance to lovely things up, so to speak. To sweeten them. To make things nicer. Keep an eye on your daily and weekly stars for more about what this cycle means for you.

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