Virgo Daily Horoscope – December 29 2019

Yasmin Boland

As they year ends, think positively…

This week brings a lovely like between the planet of the mind, Mercury, and the planet of plenty, Jupiter.

They are meeting up in the sign of Capricorn and offering us all the chance to end the year on a positive note.

If there is one thing I would love to be able to teach you and anyone who reads me it’s this; thinking positively isn’t just some silly old cliché. It’s completely life-changing.

A tale of two experiences…

Quite recently I had a start example of this with my son, who is 13 and how has been learning about this all his life.

We were out and about in London’s West End. We all love a good Korean BBQ and there is a restaurant in the West End which is our favourite – it’s always packed out. So I called ahead to ask if we could secure a seat and was told “no, sorry, fully booked”. I begged a bit and was still told a firm now.

I told my son Louis, come on, let’s make this happen – let’s manifest it! So we walked through the streets singing about how happy we were that the waitress at the Korean BBQ place had found us a seat. Of course my son was a bit embarrassed by his mum but we did it anyway, enjoying the cold night air on our faces, as we walked through lit-up London. We arrived so happy and sure we’d get a seat and guess what? They took one look at us and managed to squeeze us in!

After dinner we had to get to a shop about 10 minutes’ walk away to buy something from a specialist games shop for Louis’ secret Santa at school.

All the way there, Louis was worried we would be too late. I kept saying “expect us to get there and it’s open!” but he wasn’t having it. Sure enough we got there and they had closed the doors 30 seconds before we got there…

This time instead of being full of happy expectations, we were ragged.

I was annoyed with Louis for putting fear into it (and having apparently learned nothing from our earlier experience!) and now here we were facing a closed door. He was being very English and getting embarrassed and annoyed with me for talking to the guy through the closed door, asking him if he’d take pity and do one more sale for the night. I was annoyed with him for being embarrassed by me!

Vibes low.

The guy said no.

Ah well.

Get it?

Use this week’s Mercury/Jupiter to test out the power of positive thinking!

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