Virgin River actor teases "last scene" with co-star ahead of season 5 finale

colin lawrence, kandyse mcclure, virgin river, season 5
Virgin River star teases "last scene" with co-starNetflix

Virgin River actor Colin Lawrence has teased the show's upcoming season 5 finale — but he's got fans a little bit concerned.

The actor, who plays Preacher on the Netflix romantic drama, shared a video from the set to his Instagram alongside Kandyse McClure, who joined the show in the latest season as firefighter Kaia.

"Hey y'all, it's me again," he said in the clip. "This is season 5, Virgin River, and this would be the last scene of Virgin River with Preacher and the lovely Kandyse McClure. You're going to love what you see and you're going to love her even more."

"That's it, awwww," Kandyse said as she moved into the frame.

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The "last scene" part has fans worried about what he means.

Does he mean Kandyse is leaving the show at the end of her first season, or is Colin himself departing after five seasons playing his character? Since Preacher and Kaia have a blossoming romance, does this mean that they are leaving together? Or is a breakup on the cards for the two?

colin lawrence, kandyse mcclure, virgin river, season 5

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We won't have long to find out what really is happening, as the final two episodes of season 5 drop on the streaming service in just a few days, on November 30.

At least we know that the show itself isn't going anyway, as a sixth season has been officially confirmed. Interestingly, it's going back down to the 10 episodes that season 1 to 3 had, as opposed to the 12 episodes that seasons 4 and 5 had.

Virgin River seasons 1-4 and the first 10 episodes of season 5 can be streamed now on Netflix. The final two episodes of season 5 drop on Thursday, November 30.

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