The Viral Olive Cheese Garden Grater Is Finally Back in Stock (Along With More Holiday Merch)

Seasons gratings to us all.

<p>Olive Garden/Dotdash Meredith</p>

Olive Garden/Dotdash Meredith

Last month, Olive Garden became the talk of the town (and the internet) for an unexpected reason. From the frenzy, you’d have thought that until October 2023, Olive Garden was the sole owner of all the cheese graters in the world. If the great cheese grater news of this fall has already slipped your mind, let’s recap.

TikTok user Bo Gjerness posted an 18-second video letting the world know how gleeful she was that Olive Garden sold her a cheese grater. She simply asked an employee at her local Olive Garden if they sold them, they said, “Yes,” and she was allowed to purchase one. After sharing the news with her followers, the video quickly went viral. Media outlets (including Allrecipes) picked up the story, and suddenly Olive Garden was inundated with requests to buy its cheese graters. One commenter even went so far as to say that getting one of the graters was a “dream come true.”

Olive Garden subsequently sold out of the cheese graters, leaving many people disappointed that they missed out on the trend.

However, this week Olive Garden announced that it used a little holiday magic to stock up on more of the object of many cheese lovers desires: its now famous cheese graters. And not only that, the restaurant is introducing seasonal Olive Garden merch that's sure to please the never-ending pasta pals and lasagna lovers on your holiday gift list.

Olive Garden Introduces New Holiday Merch

Olive Garden’s new holiday merch, the Never-Ending First Course collection, is filled with “never-ending goodness for the whole family,” according to the popular restaurant. Of course, you’ll also find the super popular cheese graters in the collection, which we imagine will be a particularly popular holiday gift this year.

The merch website, which is slated to go live at 11 a.m. ET on Monday, Nov. 20 will have other Olive Garden-themed merch, too. These are some of the other seasonal items you can get your hands on:

  • A green “Seasons Gratings” sweatshirt with a picture of a holiday-decorated Olive Garden restaurant on the front being showered with snow-like grated cheese ($47)

  • Soup-, salad-, and breadsticks-themed apparel such as a sock collection in a branded bag ($30), pajama pants ($42), and shirts ($27)

  • A breadstick plush for pets ($27)

According to a press release, there's even more merch on its way, as well.

<p>Olive Garden</p>

Olive Garden

Ways To Buy the Olive Garden Cheese Grater if It Sells Out Again

Given the viral craze over Olive Garden’s cheese grater in the past month, it’s possible that the popular kitchen tool may once again sell out on the Italian restaurant’s website. If it does, and it’s the must-have gift of someone on your list, fear not.

The Olive Garden cheese grater is made by Zyliss. It’s the brand’s Professional Cheese Grater that grates hard cheeses, chocolate, nuts, and more. You can buy it on Amazon for around $20, and win the best gift award at your White Elephant this year.

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