'I bought the medicine': Vikki Campion reveals she almost terminated Joyce's baby

Bianca Soldani
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Vikki Campion has revealed just how close she came to terminating her pregnancy in a teary interview with Seven’s Sunday Night.

The new mum, 32, spoke candidly about driving interstate to have an abortion, and confessed that in spite of all the turmoil and heartache she’s been through, her baby boy Sebastian was “worth it”.

Ms Campion had recently been advised that she may not be able to have children when she fell pregnant with Barnaby Joyce’s baby.

Knowing the then Nationals leader is strongly pro-life, and that a baby would certainly cost him his job as the country’s deputy prime minister, she considered taking matters into her own hands.

Vikki Campion has revealed just how close she came to terminating her pregnancy. Photo: Seven/Sunday Night

“I bought the medicine online, you can’t do it in the ACT [so] I drove interstate, I walked in [to an abortion clinic] and then I walked out again,” she said between tears.

“I tried, and I couldn’t go through”.

The couple also revealed they were under “political pressure” to abort their pregnancy, with Ms Campion admitting, “They said if you don’t, they’re going to come after you… and they did.”

Identifying the people only as “conservatives”, Ms Campion said she would “do anything to protect” her son.

She introduced her baby boy for the first time in an interview with Sunday Night. Photo: Seven/Sunday Night
Ms Campion is Barnaby Joyce’s former staffer and election campaign media advisor. Photo: Seven/Sunday Night

Sebastian is her first child and Mr Joyce’s fifth, as he shares four daughters with his wife of 23-years Natalie.

Both he and Ms Campion apologised for the unintended hurt their affair had caused, and admitted that the backlash they received was difficult to push through.

At one point, Ms Campion recalled thinking, “I hope the baby is born stillborn.”

Yet more pain came from Mr Joyce himself, when he responded to questions over the child’s paternity by saying there was a “grey area”.

Ms Campion said she was deeply hurt by that comment and rebutted his assertion that they made the decision to say that together.

“I did not say use the words ‘grey area’,” she said.

The couple shared some beautiful photos of their baby boy. Photo: Seven/Sunday Night
Mr Joyce was seen bathing the seven-week-old baby. Photo: Seven/Sunday Night

Despite the heartache, Ms Campion said, “Everything was worth it for this”, referencing her baby boy.

Mr Joyce, who looked distressed as his former staffer and media advisor spoke about her pain, joked that he looks at his son and thinks, “Boy, you caused me some problems”.

“But it’s all worth it,” he added, “I just want him to be that little boy in the country.”

The couple introduced their seven-week-old son Sebastian Curtis Scott Joyce to the public for the first time during the interview.

Sharing personal photos and footage of themselves bathing the newborn, Ms Campion praised Mr Joyce for being a wonderful father.

She also said Sebastian is “an absolutely gorgeous baby” and “the love of my life.”

The $150,000 the new parents were paid for the interview will be going into a trust fund for Sebastian’s education, with Ms Campion reasoning that if other people were making money off of her child, then he should profit too.

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