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We asked for your views on Saturday's game between Tottenham Hotspur and Sheffield United.

Here are some of your comments:

Spurs fans

Ian: Unbelievable commitment to the cause. We totally dominated the game and deserved the win. We have to realise teams like Sheffield will set up to frustrate. Good teams are patient and stay controlled until the end. Spurs have looked great this season and are looking good for a positive campaign. We miss Harry but his departure has freed up other players.

Robert: Fantastic injury-time effort. After watching most of Ange’s two years at Celtic I’m not the least bit surprised. His team won so many games with late goals and some virtually as the ref was about to call time. His playing style of 'we never stop' is exciting to watch. I expect Spurs to score a lot of goals this season under Angeball.

Raymond: Sometimes Spurs just do not wake up and today was just that but in the end the sleeping players woke up and scored. They will have to do better if they are going to prosper. Maybe we should pinch Jadon Sancho and Conor Gallagher in January 2024.

James: I am so glad that Spurs scored two in injury time. For so long now teams are time wasting, which spoils the spectacle of our game. Hopefully more results like this will stop the pathetic rolling around feigning injuries. Their goalkeeper was a disgrace - pretending to be injured to waste five minutes.

Sheffield United fans

Oliver: On another day we could have undoubtedly won this. I thought we played well and showed signs of what we’re about. Take nothing away from Spurs, they showed their determination right until the final whistle. But I think I speak for all the Blades fans when I say we deserve to be higher in the table. Well done Blades - a gutsy performance.

Ian: We played to a game plan that stopped Spurs playing to theirs. If not for weak officials listening to the home crowd about time wasting then it would have worked. Where did they get 12 minutes from? Keep playing like this and we will do OK. Hamer will be excellent - class player.

John: I have always followed the Blades for the past 70 years, after the game against Spurs I now think that the added time especially in the second half should have a limit of five minutes, not 12.