Your views: Controversial call & 'passive' Scotland

MoLambo: An active first half for us, followed by a weirdly passive second half. We allowed SA to play their game plan. I suspect the rub of the green went SA’s way, in many respects, especially when you consider the possible / likely red card. I suspect that SA were offside a lot. However, they executed their plan well and got on well with the referee.

Rod: Hugely disappointing performance from Scotland, we lacked composure and did not capitalise on the very limited opportunities which we had. Our lineout became a shambles and in the end we were rather outclassed.

Stevie: Scotland were terrible at the lineout, it was very sloppy. We put ourselves under pressure because of that sloppy play at the lineout. You can't do that against a team with the quality and nous of South Africa. Disappointed that we didn't offer more in the second half. It was an easy win for the Springboks in the end.

Graham: Scotland failing to do the simple things again. When have we seen that before?! Line outs and overlaps need to be executed when the territory has been gained or the game line has been breached. It’s the world champions. We have to learn how to be composed enough to take our chances. Why aren’t we when it counts?

Tim: SA too good. We huffed and puffed but were outplayed for significant parts of the game. One major opportunity went begging in the first half but they could have had at least two more. We might just have played the tournament winners.

Colin: That was such a poor performance, we should've been better than that, we never laid a glove on them.

Chris: We need consistency from referees and TMOs if we are not to witness teams effectively beaten due to incompetence of officials rather than players.

George: Cannae win any game if your lineout has misfired six times in the SA 22? Poor Finn, not an inch to breath, he was hunted down, we had no answer.

Andy: South Africa are currently the strongest team in the world, and favourites to win this tournament. It would have been a big shock if Scotland had been able to win this game. This defeat doesn't make Scotland a bad team, they will come back from this.

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