Your views on Aberdeen defeat

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We asked for your views on Aberdeen's loss to Hearts

Ross: The summer transfer talk regarding our (usually) potent front two seems to have adversely affected their performance levels. There appears to be a lack of spirit; no strong bond between the players and it will only weaken with each poor result!

Allan: Still supporting Barry, think long term we will be okay but and it’s a big but, he needs to know his best side and ditch three at back, go 4-4-2.

Fred: No defence, no drive or creativity in midfield, no attacking threat. Where did we get this team from? Such a disappointment, glad I am not going to Germany. In fact a shocking afternoon really let the supporters down!!!

Humble: Give Robson time. Practically a complete rebuild takes more than five league games. No way Cormack will pull the trigger quickly again anyway.

Niall: I fear that the clock has started ticking for Mr Robson and his new squad. Despite his continued plea that defensive additions are still getting to know each other, results are what count and unless some change in tactics or calm creativity begin to emerge soon the Red Army will begin to turn on this developing group.

Martin: Can't score, can't defend, totally bypass midfield with long balls, pathetic.

Anon: The concern is that we are so tactically inept I can't see us beating anyone! Criminally, we have a technically gifted midfield that is being overlooked with a long ball game. How long before we are linked with Stephen Robinson or Stuart Kettlewell?

Joe: 'I'm sure we will be fine.' As a long standing fan I don't like the manager's repeated message, what does it mean? That the Dons will be third in the league, have decent cup runs and do well in Europe or does it mean we might scrape top six or we might avoid play-offs and relegation??? A third disastrous season would cement the club's long decline.

Duncan: Anyone who thinks that 13 new signings, repeat injuries and an overload on away games can be sorted overnight is delusional. Barry or any other manager has to get time on the training ground and game time to get first, a settled team and second, the flow of positive results that will naturally follow. Like every work place overhaul, it takes time.

Doug: There has been a policy shift to sign players on contract rather than loan, so hopefully this is the last season we will have to go through a massive rebuild at the start. It will bed in, in time, then we might have the same team at the start of next season, for once!

Stuart: Becoming more and more concerned regarding how things are going, I fear for a bad defeat on Thursday, if that happens the fans will be getting more and more frustrating with Robson and I’m sure they are, like myself, getting fed up with Robson's predictable excuses, things have to improve and quickly.

Mark: The next two games v Ross County will decide Barry Robson's future. A must win league game and a must win League Cup game, anything less is failure and will see fans start to turn against him and start putting pressure on Dave Cormack again. The same excuses are being rolled out weekly now.