Viewers cringe over 'painful' 60 Minutes interview

Aletha Wilkinson
Acting Head of Lifestyle

Audiences were left baffled this week by a ‘painful’ interview with Dhakota Williams – the teenaged daughter of notorious gangland figure, Carl Williams.

The interview, heavily publicised ahead of its airing, consisted predominantly of reporter Liam Bartlett quizzing Dhakota, 17,  about whether she feels at all responsible for the murders her hitman father committed when she was a toddler.

Dhakota Williams, 17, faced a string of questions about her father Carl Williams, who died when she was just nine years old. Source: Channel Nine/60 Minutes video still
Interviewer Liam Bartlett did a ‘hard-hitting’ attack interview on a teenaged girl. Source: Channel Nine/60 Minutes video still

Intercut with footage of Dhakota as a baby in her father’s arms, as well as a segment about her love of social media, were sit-down interview portions in which Liam repeatedly asked her about Carl’s crimes and heavily implied she should carry the weight of her late father’s guilt.

Viewers weren’t buying it.

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Not only did the interview insinuate that Dhakota – who, again, is presently 17 years old – should feel “ashamed” of her family and “wish things were different”, but it lingered on her Instagram account in what many felt was an inappropriately gratuitous way.

“You must be the only kid in the world to get two letters on the same day from your father and your grandfather, from the same prison,” Liam remarked to Dhakota at one point.

“It’s almost like a soap opera, isn’t it?”

The comment sparked disgust from concerned viewers.

Many noted that Dhakota was able to hold her own admirably well given she was being peppered with shame-inducing questions about her childhood by a middle-aged man with an agenda.