“The View ”host Ana Navarro censored on air while discussing wedding dress codes

“The View ”host Ana Navarro censored on air while discussing wedding dress codes

The View's Ana Navarro was censored for several seconds on Friday's broadcast while sharing her thoughts on wedding dress codes.

The panelist was in the middle of addressing a recent Reddit post that was shared online by a pregnant woman who was seeking advice about how to handle her future sister-in-law's strict wedding dress code. According to the post, the bride is requesting that women wear long-sleeved, floor-length gowns for the outdoor, black-tie event. When the woman suggested several different dresses due to fear of overheating, the bride allegedly lashed out at her for making the event about herself.

Navarro wasn't having any part of it. "This woman, this bride — I mean, brides often get a little affected. But this lady is cuckoo crazy," she said. "She screamed at the sister-in-law. She told her, 'This time it's not about you and your effing baby.'" She was subsequently censored for several seconds.

THE VIEW- 4/3/23 - ANA NAVARRO on The View, airing Monday, April 3, 2023.
THE VIEW- 4/3/23 - ANA NAVARRO on The View, airing Monday, April 3, 2023.

Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images Ana Navarro

The audio then returned as Sunny Hostin offered an alternative solution to the woman's problem. "It's a black-tie wedding," she said. "You go, you get a little long-sleeve muumuu and you stay for about 15 [to] 20 minutes and you leave."

Their discussion was cut short moments later by Sara Haines, who shared a trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 before cutting to commercial. EW has reached out to The View for clarification on what was censored.

This isn't the first time that Navarro has been censored on The View. In July, the sound was cut for several seconds after she launched into profanity-laced tirade against Florida's new education standards.

"I live in Florida, I've been spitting mad about the culture wars that Ron DeSantis has been creating, so when he says he has nothing to do with it, that's bulls---," Navarro said as the audio cut out, censoring her choice words. "He has created the environment that's led to this. What they say is they updated the standards now to say enslaved people developed skills that could be applied for their personal benefit. Slavery was the darkest moment of American history. Our biggest shame."

"People got torn from their homelands. Men, women, newborns, put in the bowels of ships, shackled, made to row from Africa to America, then brought here and sold like chattel, separated from their children, beat, whipped, worked to death, raped," she continued. "How dare you, shame on you people in Florida! How dare you try to whitewash slavery."

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