“The View”'s Ana Navarro tells woman to dump mean boyfriend and buy a vibrator: 'It will be better'

“The View”'s Ana Navarro tells woman to dump mean boyfriend and buy a vibrator: 'It will be better'

The View hosts were abuzz on Friday's broadcast after Ana Navarro suggested that a woman would be better off buying a vibrator than staying with her mean-spirited boyfriend.

The Republican panelist's comments were in reference to a recent Reddit post made by a woman who asked if she should stay with her boyfriend after snooping through his phone and discovering that he'd been saying tons of negative things about her behind her back, including that she was boring and that he planned to break up with her soon.

"She's got to have felt something if she's waking up in the middle of the night, right? The only thing I wake up for is to pee," Navarro said regarding the woman's decision to check her boyfriend's texts. "She's gotta have had some sort of inkling."


Heidi Gutman/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images Ana Navarro

Still, Navarro explained that she'd rather find out about her boyfriend's real thoughts on their relationship while they were together so that she could "drop him" herself. "Why am I gonna waste my time on this guy?" she asked. "Mama, read that phone, print those out, show them to him, and leave."

Sunny Hostin, however, noted that the woman is finding it difficult to close the door on the relationship because the guy is "the perfect boyfriend under the sheets."

"Oh sweetheart," Navarro replied, "buy something with batteries in it. It will be better."

Behar then jokingly added, "My little friend in the drawer."

"You've said that everyday this week, Joy," Sara Haines remarked as Behar began to laugh. The rest of the table quickly caught on to the pair's side conversation, leading Haines to perform her own rendition of Behar's new favorite phrase.

"'Let me introduce you to my little friend,'" she joked, before jolting herself back and forth and making buzzing noises as Behar, Hostin, Navarro, and Alyssa Farah Griffin burst into laughter.

In case the reference was lost on any viewers, Behar explained that the bit was "from that Pacino movie." Hostin, holding her hand to her face, simply added, "Scarface."

Griffin, however, saw Behar's slogan as the perfect business opportunity, jokingly calling it grounds for "a new sponsorship for you."

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