Kelly Ripa is getting a new co-host for 'Live!' Ok, not a permanent co-host, ABC has yet to announce WHO will be replacing Michael Strahan when he exits the show last week. But filling in starting …

A guy on a skateboard not only fails his jump down some stone steps, but winds up having his board leap up and smack him in the face when he falls — and even gets a black eye.

Once again, Adele has proven she really is just like us. She hates working out like us, she has a potty mouth just like most of us, and she just adores Beyonce. Like really, Adele WORSHIPS Queen Bee.

Attempting to jump over this small wooden fence, this BMXer doesn't account for the small drop off on the other side and winds up crashing into the dirt once he "clears" the fence.

Having discovered a mole hole, this cat waits until something tries to pop out of it. As soon as the cat noticed movement, the cat immediately climbs onto the hole and poops on it.

A motorcycle cinematographer films the after math of a biker's crash, revealing a bloody shin injury.

These guys filled this barn up with 164 lbs of tannerite. Once they lit it up, they watched as pieces wood flew all over the place and a plume of smoke filled the air. 

This guy feared nothing after he jumped from the top of a tall building to a nearby crane. He then speedily ran down the steps and back into the building before he got caught.

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