1. 2:50

    Behind the scenes.

  2. 1:40

    Prevention goes behind the scenes with their National Prevention Week ambassadors for their special...

  3. 1:44

    Chris Freytag shows you how to find the time to exercise.

  4. 1:21

    Chris Freytag shows you how to power up with polyometrics.

  5. 3:54

    Chris Freytag shows you how to trim and tone your body with these easy workout moves.

  6. 1:53

    Pick the weight that works best for you.

  7. 1:32

    Learn meditation in the real world with Prevention's fitness expert Chris Freytag.

  8. 2:59

    Calming yoga moves for weight loss.

  9. 3:37

    Food editor Judy Davie demonstrates how to make gluten-free brownies from 'The Flat Belly Diet!...

  10. 1:29

    A sneak peek at Prevention's cover shoot with the iconic Australian actress.

  11. 2:27

    A behind the scenes look at the National Prevention Week breakfast, spreading the message of...