1. 1:08

    There may only be 100 of them in the world, but this zoo in Poland is proudly showing off its three...

  2. 1:00

    The Chinese president has come to visit some pandas loaned to Belgium, as the two countries look to...

  3. 1:06

    Large crowds gathered as a zoo in Munich was witness to two small miracles. A pair of baby polar...

  4. 1:12

    People are travelling from far and wide to see this rare phenomenon

  5. 1:18

    These canines are ready to hit the waves and make a splash!

  6. 1:07

    This furry sporting event is still going strong in it's 10th year!

  7. 1:10

    These rare reptiles are getting comfortable in their new home.

  8. 1:06

    The cats come out of their cave to greet the crowds!

  9. 1:08

    These animals get a cool treat to tackle the heat.

  10. 1:24

    This couple of cats are really very cute.

  11. 0:52

    A couple of tiny tigers are hitting the pool for a swimming lesson.