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Christopher has been unable to walk for the past 11 years due to a spinal cord injury that left him tetraplegic. Amazingly he walked for the very time in over a decade on July 21 with the assistance …

These seven-week-old kittens are all siblings and definitely seem to share a curiosity streak. The seven Persian kitties were delighted when their owner provided them with a brand new toy to play …

The Volcán de Colima is one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico and has several webcams trained on it at all times to ensure every movement is captured. On the morning of April 19 the volcano …

This chubby little raccoon was in for a treat when he stumbled across this driveway! Wanting to get as close a look as possible at the hungry fellow the uploader set out some kitty kibble to entice …

What are you to do if you find yourself losing during a friendly game of snooker? This uploader may just have the answer for you. During a game in 2013 he found himself setting up to take a shot when …

J Hawk Daily is a man that may have seen it all. From playing football with elephants to following a big whale shark he seems to have done it all. His latest adventure sees his path crossing with a …

Nothing beats this video of a baby panda sneezing - and the surprised reaction of its mother.

These images of star signs painted on bodies will leave you starry-eyed, as the mesmerising detail leaves you wondering if they are actually humans. Credit: Caters.