1. 1:57

    Whether for climbing, scratching an itch, or satisfying a hunger, a tree can be an animal’s best...

  2. 0:32

    This deer does its best to get in good with the Easter Bunny!

  3. 0:40

    A little fence is no problem for this incredible little dog!

  4. 0:37

    This tough little cat goes ninja on a potential intruder... who bares a striking resemblance...

  5. 0:33

    Mack, the dog, and Lincoln, the cat, share an Easter morning snack!

  6. 0:28

    This cool feline kicks back for a little catnap!

  7. 0:22

    Not even the dog is allowed to watch when this rabbit hides the Easter eggs!

  8. 0:43

    This active puppy is smart enough to protect his head when he bounces around the house!

  9. 1:16

    Buddy is a bulldog, but he’s also a new kind of boxer!

  10. 0:50

    Dogs, cats, pigs, raccoons, and monkeys all have some March Madness!

  11. 0:44

    Why take the dog for a walk when he’s a natural born tractor chaser?!