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Paul was enjoying time out waterboarding with friends off the coast of Co. Donegal, Ireland, when the group had an unexpected but memorable encounter. A pod of about fifty dolphins swam up close to …

Baby Ellie and Pajama Sam the pitbull are best friends. How do we know? Well, there aren’t too many kids who would share a delicious cookie like this, so they must have a special bond! Credit …

Railway line the Tehachapi Loop spirals through the Tehachapi Pass in Kern County, California. An impressive feat of engineering, the looped line was opened in 1876. A train more than 1,200 meters …

John was in Seoul, South Korea recently when he came upon this impressive arcade driving game. As a crowd watch on, the lucky gamer is airborne in a swivelling chair, which is attached to a moving …

This tiger cub just got a new toy! The latest addition to his playpen is a rugby ball, and he seems to be a fan. He’s already come up with some novel ways to play with it. Credit …

This duck was protecting his territory, so every time the dog tried to jump onto the porch, the duck chased it off. The dog took this as a game and playfully ran around teasing the duck.

When a basking shark got washed up onto the shore of Lubec, Maine, these locals banded together and tried their hardest to help keep the shark alive by splashing sea water onto it. Unfortunately …