A Video Of Taylor Swift Extinguishing A Fire In Her Kitchen Is Going Viral

A Video Of Taylor Swift Extinguishing A Fire In Her Kitchen Is Going Viral

Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift are known good friends, and the two collaborated for Gracie's new album.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez walk side by side, Taylor in a chic white dress and dark jacket, Selena in casual attire with a beige jacket
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In celebration of the album, Gracie posted a video showing Taylor and her creating the song.

She also shared a video of Taylor Swift extinguishing a fire.

^That's just my favorite Taylor gif.

^That's just my favorite Taylor gif.


That video is going viral:

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For those who can't watch it, here's the fire in question:

A kitchen with a fire burning on the stove, with smoke rising around it. Various items are on the countertop

Taylor runs for a fire extinguisher after Gracie warns that water will only make it worse.

A woman in a white blouse holds a red fire extinguisher in a kitchen

"Bitch," she says as she tries to get the extinguisher to work.

A person views something on their phone in a dimly lit room with a small fire burning on a table


A person wearing a long-sleeve shirt uses a fire extinguisher in a kitchen, spraying foam toward the counter

Fire is out! The house is filled with fire extinguisher smoke.

A kitchen island with flowers and shoes on it is surrounded by smoke or mist, with kitchen items and a shelf visible in the background

Then she just kind of stands there in disbelief.

A woman in a white robe stands in a kitchen with smoke coming from an oven, apparently attempting to manage a cooking mishap. The kitchen is filled with various items

Fans, obviously, love it.

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"The fire incident is so on brand for the both of you," one person said.

Comment from londonbreaa: "the fire incident is so on brand for the both of you" followed by a skull emoji

Another person said, "Celebrities! They are just like US."

Instagram post by khushiii_4: "celebrities! They are just like US"

And this person was just like, "How is this real?"

Instagram comment from user 'escxii_' saying, "how is this real", posted 1 hour ago

Mostly, people love the "bitch" thing.

@gracieabrams/Twitter: @tswifterastour

Me, personally, I have never seen a fire extinguisher used in a home setting so this is news to me.

A woman, Taylor Swift, is in a kitchen, wearing a robe with her hair down. She appears to be cooking or preparing food, with some kitchen appliances visible around her