Vanessa Trump labelled ‘soulless ghoul’ for sending kids to summer camp

Vanessa Trump is the latest POTUS relative to be called out for a social media post as outrage over the president’s family separation policy mounts.

Vanessa, who is the estranged wife of first son Donald Trump Jr., took to Twitter Wednesday to share photos of her five children where according to her caption, she’s bracing herself for time apart from her brood.

“Last trip with my kiddies before their summer camps start!” President Trump’s daughter-in-law tweeted in a post that has since been deleted.

Vanessa Trump has since deleted this post. (Photo: Vanessa Trump via Twitter)

Both Melania and Ivanka Trump have been criticized for posting upbeat messages about children and family; the first lady’s tweet about wanting to “positively impact children” and the first daughter’s Father’s Day tribute each received a backlash and comparisons to the plight of migrant children being taken away from their parents.

It’s little surprise, then, that Donald Trump Jr.’s ex would also get flak for opening up her family photo album. But her references to being separated from her children — albeit under vastly different circumstances from those of the migrant children at the border — and summer camp were accused of being particularly problematic.

As many critics noted, the South Texas detention centres have been compared to concentration camps established under Nazi Germany, and Fox News’ Laura Ingraham controversially likened them to “summer camps” in a broadcast on Monday.

Vanessa Trump was called a “soulless ghoul” by one commenter, and others wondered if she was purposely trolling the public with her post. Within two hours, the tweet was taken down.

The outrage over the now-deleted tweet comes as critics of President Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy have suggested calling the detention centres “Ivanka camps” to put additional pressure on the president to take action.

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