'Unprofessional' job rejection letter leaves woman gobsmacked

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A woman has been left flabbergasted after she applied for a job only to be rejected with an unusually detailed, and very long, rejection letter.

The well-intentioned response from the company arrived via email after Twitter user Kiran, a UK writer, sent in an application for an advertised role.

Image of woman having job interview representing Twitter viral job rejection email post
A woman's job rejection has divided the internet. Photo: Getty Images

The writer from the company took the time to console Kiran on her failure and, bafflingly, offer her some galvanising examples of other famous rejections.

The unusual email was shared in a screenshot by Kiran to Twitter, where it’s content had thousands doing a double take.

“The Beatles were turned down by Decca Records, Dick Rowe, who believes that ‘guitar groups were on the way out’ and that ‘they have no future in show business’,” the HR person wrote.

“We wonder how he feels now.”

The full letter had onlookers equally baffled. Photo: Twitter/turnmyswagguon
The full letter had onlookers equally baffled. Photo: Twitter/turnmyswagguon

“After Harrison Ford’s first small movie role, an executive took him into his office and told him he’d never succeed in the movie business,” he continued.

“Michael Jordan was actually cut from his high school basketball team.

“Lady Gaga got dropped by her record label, Island Def Jam, after three months.

“James Dyson had 5,126 failed prototypes of his ‘bagless vacuum cleaner’ before the next one worked.


“After just one performance, Elvis Presley was fired by Jimmy Denny, the manager at the Grand Ole Opry.”

“May this rejection be a tiny and forgotten set on the road to your next big ‘yes’ — the one that really matters.”

The kindly email, however, hit the wrong note for Kiran, who pointed out she hadn’t asked for a pep talk.

“I am crying at this job rejection email,” she wrote in a Tweet that has been very popular on social media. “Like I didn’t need all this?”

“I just saw a role posting and applied? Omfg.”

Twitter divided over ‘condescending’ response

Online, reactions to the letter, and Kiran’s post,have been mixed.

Many spotted a gaping hole in the response’s logic.

“Doesn’t this make them lack foresight?” one person wrote. “Like they could have created a superstar but they decided to become one of the many to pass a great talent??”

Another described it as ‘unprofessional and condescending’.

Some, on the other hand, wrote they would have loved such a positive response.

“I’d rather have this than an automated reply with no feedback, which just keeps happening,” one person wrote.

“It's really depressing sending out applications, tailoring CV, and hearing nothing back,” another agreed. “I would have loved a response like this when I was job hunting.”

It’s not the first time a social media post had users dping a double-take, earlier this week one woman had hundreds in stitches for a very different kind of post.

The woman has raised eyebrows by hiding an X-rated detail in a shopping list she wrote for her unsuspecting husband.

A wife has pranked her husband by hiding an X-rated detail in her shopping list. Photo: Facebook (supplied).
A wife has pranked her husband by hiding an X-rated detail in her shopping list. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

Hunter from Sydney took to Facebook to share a snap of the handwritten list of groceries she gave her hubby before his trip to the shops, which included products such as dishwashing liquid, bread and iced tea

But look a bit closer and in amongst the supermarket staples, you’ll spot a rather raunchy surprise request, for a male sex worker with... one sizeable asset.

Hunter tells Yahoo Lifestyle that, after almost two decades together, her husband is used to finding something ‘funny or sweet’ on the shopping list.

“He knows me well and I normally add something funny or sweet so he probably half expects it,” she says.

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