'Unlike Agholor': Hero Eagles fan negged Nelson Agholor after catching kids dropped from burning building

Philadelphia Eagles fans have a reputation for being some of the most dedicated, passionate, and unforgiving fans in all of football. Eagles fans take their fandom with them everywhere, and include it in everyday life.

The Eagles lost 27-24 to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, with WR Nelson Agholor dropping two critical passes and fumbling once. So how would Eagles fans incorporate that frustrating loss into their lives?

Let’s check in with an Eagles fan named Hakim Laws. Laws was in West Philadelphia early Monday morning when he came across a burning building.

After attempting to get the family on the top floor out using the stairs (the smoke made it impossible), Laws and other good samaritans stood underneath a window and caught children that the trapped father was dropping down to safety. (No major injuries were reported from the fire.) Laws gave an interview about his heroics, which turned into the best interview ever when he somehow got in a dig at the Eagles.

“My man just started throwing babies out the window, we was catching them…unlike Agholor.”

This man is a hero. He saw that a building was on fire and rushed to help. And while talking about catching children who were dropped from a third story window, he managed to remind everyone that Agholor kept dropping the ball on Sunday.

There is nothing more Philadelphia than that.

There’s a chance this story keeps getting better. Agholor responded, calling the man a hero and inviting the man and his family to a game.

Nelson Agholor's two drops in Sunday's game were on the minds of every Eagles fan — even those performing acts of heroism. (Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

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