Woman's 'disgusting' find in plane food snack

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
A woman made a disgusting discovery when she opened up her hummus on a flight. Photo: Getty Images

As if plane food wasn’t hard enough to stomach, one woman made a horrifying discovery when she peeled back the plastic foil on her snack box.

Jamie Lunde was flying with United Airlines at the time and decided to order a tapas box on the flight as a light snack.

However, it was only after taking a few bites from the hummus dip that she made a disgusting discovery about the food item.

“I purchased this Tapas box last night on United flight 1613,” Jamie shared with her Instagram followers.

“I started eating it before i completely removed the foil on top. Almost threw up when I saw the mold!

“When I brought it to their attention they took my card to refund me, did not take away the molded hummus and find out today they charged me twice.”

Jamie Lunde ordered a Tapas Snack Box on the flight. Photo: Instagram/Jamie Lunde

People couldn’t believe the amount of mold in the dip and started tagging United Airlines in the comments so they could see it.

“That is terrible!!! #unitedairlines fix this,” one person wrote.

Another person simply said: “Flying is a joke these days”.

Jamie’s horror find comes days after an Amsterdam traveller found a pair of lacy underwear waiting to greet her at her Virgin Airlines plane seat.

They were left behind by the seat’s previous occupant who hadn’t managed to give them a wash before draping them across the chair.

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