'Nip slip' top roasted online over extreme underboob

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
This daring look from Born to be Chic is raising eyebrows, and nipple height according to commentators. Photo: Facebook/borntobechicboutique

It’s not easy to scandalise the internet these days.

With micro-bikinis, nude bikinisnaked jumpsuits and pants missing the rear, a lot has to be on show to raise an eyebrow, but one Aussie retailer has risen to the challenge spectacularly.

Born to Be Chic is an online clothing brand that doesn’t tend to push the envelope too dramatically, but they’ve done a swift zero to 100 in record time with a new top and pants set known as La Vida or, as it’s been dubbed online, ‘a nip slip waiting to happen’.

A daring look

The scarf-like top can be tied in a number of ways, but the chosen style shared on the group’s Facebook page is eye-popping indeed.

The image posted to a model's personal page shows just how revealing the outfit truly is. Photo: Instagram/gold.gypsy

Wrapped around the neck and crossed over to tie at the back, the top cuts dangerously high on the breast, barely complying with Instagram’s no-nipple regulation, if at all.

The ensemble is available for a cool $119 online, and is 95% polyester, 100% divisive.

The website’s own page shows the look fashioned in a more public-facing style, but its alternative tie is what has people talking.

The official styling from the retailer shows a more conservative twist. Photo: Born To Be Chic

Outcry online

The picture of the risqué version shared to the group’s social media channels has racked up almost 1.5k likes and over 8k fans, or anti-fans, have taken to the comments section to share their many, many thoughts.

Several women praised it for its practicality in one key area - breastfeeding.

“As a breastfeeding mumma of 3 years, this would work perfectly!” one woman wrote. “Just the right amount of nipple coverage & easy to pop one out when the babes are hungry.”

“Breastfeeding friendly,” another agreed.

That was about the extent of the praise the top received with most just questioning how this could be worn in any situation outside the model’s sultry pose.

“This is a sneeze away from a nip slip,” one lady observed.

“Don’t run/ walk/ get in a car/ laugh or as a matter of fact don’t breathe in this outfit...” another advised.

Others were gobsmacked at how the ensemble came to be.

“I'm just wowed by the engineering of this top... Celeb tape and a prayer? Who knows,” another guessed.

Others argued the term ‘clothing’ should be applied very loosely to the micro top.

“This is not a clothing ‘set’. It’s pants and a ribbon scarf,” one said.

“I'm not quite understanding the physics of this top,” another agreed.

Nipple-less future?

Others had just one burning question.

“Sis, where are your nipples?” one asked.

“Sooo where do you put your nipples...” another wondered.

One even argued that a wave of the Photoshop magic wand may be at play.

“If you look reeeally closely, you can see where they've photoshopped out the nipples,” they argued.

With the internet still in knots over such a huge controversy sparked by such a tiny top, the biggest question is are nipples now out of fashion?

Because this top isn’t making much room for them.

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