'Un-Australian' fairy bread sparks furious debate: 'Horrified'

The simple Australian party snack has been elevated.

A resurfaced video of an elevated spin on fairy bread has gone viral, but not everybody is excited about the finished product. The recipe takes the beloved party snack and combines it with a classic Australian cob loaf dip that you can often find at parties.

Typically, cob loaf dip consists of a hollowed-out bread bowl with creamy spinach dip inside. Partygoers use the removed bread to scoop out the dip. Over the past few years, people have been coming up with new and creative suggestions for the filling, but’s sweet version has shocked fans.

A plate of fairy bread on a pale green wooden table
A recipe for elevated fairy bread has been labelled 'horrific'. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

Although fairy bread is usually made with white bread, butter and sprinkles, this new spin on the Australian snack is much more complicated.

The recipe begins by starting with a hollowed-out cob loaf, before drizzling melted white chocolate around the edges and adding hundreds and thousands.


The loose bread triangles are then dipped into the white chocolate before being coated with hundreds and thousands. In a strange twist, the recipe then calls for a creamy filling consisting of cream cheese, sugar, cream, pink food colouring and vanilla.

The fairy bread cob loaf was topped with strawberries, Pocky, wafers, sour candy and marshmallows, with additional toppings on the side for dipping.

The recipe was reshared this year on Facebook and racked up over 2.8 million views, with many comments slamming the ‘horrific’ dessert.

“The beauty of fairy bread is its simplicity. Bread, butter, sprinkles. Boom. Done. To do anything else is downright unpatriotic,” one person commented.

“Making fairy bread that complex is very Un-Australian,” another added.

“I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m both obsessed and concerned,” a third remarked.

“Nope, that’s a stomach ache and a half waiting to happen,” another declared.


On the other hand, a slew of people were excited about the interesting dish.

“Omg that looks amazinggg! I’m definitely going to try make one,” gushed a follower.

“I did this for my birthday last year instead of a bday cake…was absolutely AMAZING!” another wrote.

“This is divine, we make one every year for Xmas just to sit on [the] table after the feast,” a third said.

“How cool but maybe with chocolate and sprinkles? I would love this with fruit too!” another suggested.

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