Ukraine’s parliament debates fining draft-eligible men abroad

Ukraine-Poland border crossing points
Ukraine-Poland border crossing points

The Ukrainian parliament will consider imposing fines on male draft-age citizens returning from abroad, as outlined in a corresponding bill tabled in September 2022.

If the corresponding bill No. 8029 is approved, Ukrainian men remaining abroad who left after Feb. 24, 2022, will need to pay 25,890 hryvnias ($710) for each month spent outside Ukraine, once they return to the country.

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While voluntary fine payment is suggested, non-compliance means entry is only possible upon payment. This rule primarily affects those who can’t prove deferment from mobilization.

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During the state of war, all men aged 18 to 60 are considered conscripts and can be mobilized if a military medical commission deems them fit for service.

Conscripts and active military personnel are generally not allowed to leave Ukraine during a state of war, with a handful of exceptions outlined by the law.

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