UK PlayStation Plus price rise kicks in next week

All three tiers of PlayStation Plus are going up in price for annual memberships (PlayStation / Sony)
All three tiers of PlayStation Plus are going up in price for annual memberships (PlayStation / Sony)

Annual subscribers to all three tiers of PlayStation Plus are facing a higher price when they renew.

At the end of a blog post announcing the latest PlayStation Plus games, Sony revealed that the cost of a 12-month membership will rise by around 20 per cent from September 6 around the world.

In the UK, that means that the Essential plan, which gives access to online games and a handful of free monthly games each month, will rise from £49.99 to £59.99.

Tiers with a Game Pass-style rolling library of games to access as long as you stay subscribed are also rising in price. PlayStation Plus Extra will go from £83.99 to £99.99, while the Premium plan jumps from £99.99 to £119.99.

Despite the increase, paying for a whole year in advance is still better value than signing up on a rolling monthly deal. Essential costs £6.99 a month (or £83.88 over 12 months), Extra is £10.99 a month (£131.88 annually), and Premium is £13.49 (£161.88).

In the blog post, Sony justifies the increase by stating that it will “enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service”.

As the increase doesn’t kick in until September 6, there’s still time for users to get the lower price, even if you’re a current subscriber. You can purchase extra cards at a lower price and add them to your account, with Reddit users reporting that PlayStation lets you add additional years to your account this way.

Alternatively, Sony has cut the price of membership for Black Friday in the past so, if you can’t afford an annual membership right now, the chances are you will get a second bite of the cherry come November.