UK grandmother reveals: ‘My dog chewed my face off’

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The 53-year-old from Preston, Lancashire, was knocked unconscious when she fell down the stairs in her home after a bout of drinking.

Now, after 100 operations later to restore her sight, she can finally see.

When Mrs Hamriding woke up after her fall, she was covered in blood and could only see through her left eye.

Her dog, Cassie, a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, had desperately tried to wake the grandmother up but had gone too far and had eaten her right eye and the bone around her socket.

Mrs Hamriding was blind for two years while she went through complex operations and extensive plastic surgery.

The medical procedure used to restore her vision, called osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis, involved the removal of one of Mrs Hamriding’s canine teeth.

It was reshaped and drilled to fit an artificial corneal device to be then implanted into the eye.


While her dog was put down, Mrs Hamriding says she owes her life to it because it saved her from an early grave through alcoholism.

She told the Daily Mail :“Cassie saved my life and I would rather be blind for life than dead. Before this happened, I was weeks away from dying as a result of drink.”

“I was drunk from the moment I woke up and I would stay drunk all day. I would even wake up during the night to have a drink. I was dying. I knew alcohol was killing me, but I could not stop drinking.”

“I lost my eye and I lost my dog, but it was the best thing that could have happened.”


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