UK Cervical Cancer Awareness Ad Asks For Cat Pics That Look Like Pubic Hair

A health campaign from the U.K. went Twitter viral for terrible reasons last Monday, after people shared its tasteless ask for cat photos.

Sounds innocent enough, right?

Not exactly. For some reason, the healthcare app myGP wanted people to share photos of cats .. that resembled their pubic hair.

“Bushy, bare, or halfway there,” the ad states, beside photos of three cats representing hair growth (or lack thereof) on vulvas. Or “undercarriage,” “flower,” and “bits,” as the ad so helpfully describes.

Twitter users were quick to point out how the ad lacks essential information tied to cervical health and could potentially confuse its intended audience.

Notable experts like Canadian gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Gunter also gave the ad’s messaging a thumbs down.

“This is truly awful. Really,” Gunter tweeted. “Delete it and do better.”

One clever...

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