'People suck': Outrage after customer cancels $300 UberEats order at the last minute

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A chef has called out a customer who ordered nearly $300 worth of food on UberEats and cancelled just as the order was about to go out. 

The chef took to Reddit to vent his frustration, after the customer placed the order for 13 bowls of ramen, with many of them customised for specific dietary requirements. 

A chef posted a photo of 13 containers of ramen a customer ordered and then cancelled at the last minute. Photo: Reddit

“Imagine making almost $300 worth of food and then riiiiight when you finish the order, the customer cancels on you and you have $300 of food that's just gone to waste,” he wrote. 

The chef said he was compensated for the charge from Uber, who appear to have changed their cancellation policy recently. 

“After you place an order, you can cancel anytime BEFORE the restaurant accepts it. To do so, tap 'Cancel Order' in the order tracking screen,” the policy now reads. 

UberEats refunded the restaurant and the chef ended up handing the ramen away for free. Photo: Getty Images

“If you would like to cancel an order AFTER an order has been accepted by a restaurant, you will need to call our support team. They will confirm that the restaurant is ok with the cancellation. If the restaurant has already started preparing your food, we will be unable to issue a refund.”

The chef said he ended up giving the ramen away to people who came into the restaurant asking if they had any spare gloves for the place next door, where you can cash in cheques. 

“That’s really rotten. People suck,” one person wrote on the Reddit thread, while another said the person should be banned from using the app.

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