Fears for Tziporah Malkah after black eye

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Former model Tziporah Malkah, 45, has sparked fears after sharing a photo of herself with what appears to be a black eye.

In the selfie she shared on her Instagram account on Wednesday, the model and one-time fiancée to billionaire James Packer, is pictured in a black top with her hair in a ponytail.

Her right eye looks bruised and swollen, and her eyelid is drooping slightly.

There are fears for Tziporah Malkah after she shared a photo of herself with a black eye. Photo: Instagram/teezee613.

“You wanna take me on? So take me on!” Tziporah, who was formerly known as Kate Fischer, captioned the selfie, causing many of her followers to express their concern.

“I hope you are okay lovely. Looks painful,” one wrote, while another asked, “Are you okay babes?”

“Please take care,” said one, while another wanted to know, “What on earth happened?? Are you all right?”

“Crikey. I think now is the time to ask if you're okay?” added a fifth.

Since sharing the post, Tziporah appears to have updated the caption at least twice with additional details.

“I’m ok! I have magnificent mates that are always around me! Please don’t be alarmed: the last thing I need is a panic situation where I get coppers at my door,” she wrote in the second update.

Yahoo Lifestyle has since spoken to Tziporah’s publicist Max Markson who said she is “ok.”

“I spoke with her a few times this morning, she’s fine and she’s not making any further comment,” Max said.

Tziporah changed her name after converting to Judaism while living in the US, and after returning to Australia in 2011, revealed that she was living at a boarding house due to reduced circumstances.

She appeared on the 2017 season of I’m A Celebrity where she lost a dramatic amount of weight.