Vigilantes warn more attacks on the way

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Dozens of SUVs were deflated by the group earlier this month. Picture: A Current Affair

Vigilantes claiming to be behind recent attacks on 4WD vehicles in an affluent Melbourne suburb have warned more targeted attacks are coming as their protest continues.

The Tyre Extinguishers, an international guerrilla climate activism group, have a common goal of eliminating 4x4 vehicles in urban areas.

On Friday September 1, the group seemingly popped up in Melbourne overnight, deflating dozens of cars in Toorak — one of the country’s wealthiest suburbs.

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Dozens of SUVs were deflated by the group earlier this month. Picture: A Current Affair

Despite being well known in the UK and US, it’s understood the incident marked the first time the group have targeted Melbourne.

Speaking to A Current Affair on Monday, two individuals claiming to be behind the organised attacks confirmed there would be more to come.

Two of the protesters, using the pseudonyms Pearl and Pat, said a handful of others helped them to deflate up to 30 cars in one night.

The former claimed to be a grandmother in her 60s, while the latter said he was a young working professional.

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‘Pat’ said he would continue to deflate cars until he was arrested. Picture: A Current Affair

“I’ve never done anything like this, I’ve never been arrested for something like this,” Pearl told A Current Affair journalist Sam Cucchiara.

“I’m a completely nonviolent person but I am extremely worried about the climate crisis.”

Pearl apologised to the car owners impacted by the attacks, but said the imminent climate collapse provided “extraordinary times” in which such measures must be taken.

“Over time in history when laws are bad … it is necessary sometimes to break the law in order to see such a change happen,” she said.

“I will probably take this action again.”

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It’s the international climate activism group’s first known appearance in Melbourne. Picture: A Current Affair

Pearl said she would continue to target SUVs in urban areas, even if it meant going to jail.

Pat echoed Pearl’s comments, confirming he would keep deflating cars until “the owners of them wake up to their responsibility at a time of crisis”, or “until we’re arrested”.

“The time for being gentle has passed,” he told ACA.

“I would hope many (more will be deflated).

“I see it as a wake up call, I wish it could be more gentle.

“If the government won’t regulate luxury SUVs out of existence, we can disable them.”

The unfortunate SUV owners in Toorak woke on September 1 to find their cars vandalised with explanation notes left on their windscreens.

“Your gas guzzler kills,” the note read, going on to explain the impacts of SUVs and 4x4s on the environment.

Victoria Police confirmed their investigations into the incidents are ongoing.