Tyra Banks responds to controversial America's Next Top Model footage

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Tyra Banks has admitted there were many moments from her time as host of America's Next Top Model that one could classify as problematic looking back now.

A video from Cycle 6 of the show recently went viral on social media where Tyra is seen pressuring contestant Danielle Evans, who later went on to win the show that year, to get the gap in her teeth closed.

Tyra Banks has responded to the backlash she's received after problematic America's Next Top Model footage resurfaced. Photo: Getty

Tyra says in the video, "So Danielle, you went to the dentist but you refused to have your gap closed."

She continued, "Do you really think you can have a CoverGirl contract with a gap in your mouth?"

Danielle responded, "Yes, why not?"

"This is all people see," Tyra said, gesturing to her own two front teeth. "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Girl. It's not marketable."

Then, in Cycle 15 of the show, Tyra asked another contestant, Chelsey, to widen the gap

This is not the only problematic scene to come out of the show, however.

The show has clearly not aged well, with fans calling Tyra out for the fact the show made girls pose as "different ethnicities" at one point, meaning they had to do brown and blackface for the shoot.

One photoshoot saw the models pose as model stereotypes, this included anorexia and bulimia.

In Cycle 4, contestant Kahlen was forced to pose in a grave shortly after finding out her friend had just passed away.

Another time Tyra told an openly gay model not to broadcast her sexuality.

Taking to Twitter, Tyra responded to the backlash, "Been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments and I agree with you. Looking back, those were some really off choices. Appreciate your honest feedback and am sending so much love and virtual hugs."

However, some people did not think the apology was enough.

Others defended the model, saying it was a different time.

Danielle Evans has since addressed the controversy of the gap in her teeth online in a video on her Instagram.

She said, "I have a responsibility to address what really happened and to speak my truth."

"But let me tell you what this video is not. This is not a video to war against anyone, this is not a video to defame anyone's character, and this is not a video to discuss my relationship with Tyra."

"This is a video for me to speak my truth and to provide clarity and for me to address an issue that was done 15 years ago that carries weight and that clearly affected a lot of young girls in America..."

She then continued, explaining why she ended up going through with the procedure.

“I was not going to allow something that was physical on my face to stop me from getting out to make a better life for myself."

"I had a laser focus goal. Nothing or no one was going to stand in my way. It wasn’t about coping out. It was about understanding what holds weight and value in my life and teeth was not one of them.”

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